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What is WayMore eSignature?

WayMore eSignature Cloud is a secure cloud-based platform built to minimize paperwork and make signing documents faster and easier. You can manage all your documents and signature agreements in one place. Our platform is designed to ensure a secure and fully automated eSign process, powered by a cloud-based infrastructure. Get a wide range of features with WayMore eSignature, from standardized templates, secure digital signatures, and online document signing through any internet-enabled device.

Top Benefits of WayMore eSignature:

  • Quickly & Easily Create e-Signatures

    With WayMore eSignature, you can simply & quickly create electronic signatures from anywhere, anytime. That means no more paperwork, in-person hassles or manual processes. Streamline and automate the entire process with a quick and secure way to sign documents.

  • Seamless & Secure Storage & Cloud Backup

    WayMore eSignature gives you the ability to store and secure your documents with cloud backups, so you can rest assured that no data will ever be lost. Plus, as an added layer of security, all documents are encrypted with the highest levels of security protocols, so all of your data remains safe and confidential.

  • On-The-Go Accessibility From Any Device

    Say goodbye to tedious paperwork and slow processes. With WayMore eSignature’s on-the-go accessibility, you can always access your documents no matter where you are. That means you can quickly approve and sign documents from your laptop, phone or tablet, no matter where you are.

  • Integrate Seamlessly With All Your Apps

    Thanks to WayMore eSignature’s compatibility with all major cloud storage tools, you can easily integrate your documents into your existing workflow with just a few clicks. You can also use WayMore eSignature to connect to your existing online accounts, such as Gmail, iCloud and Dropbox, for even smoother eSignatures.

  • Streamlined Process Efficiency & Speed

    Say goodbye to slow, paper-based processes that consume your time. With WayMore eSignature, you streamline the entire process, making it faster and more efficient. That means no more waiting, no more delays, and no more hassle. Just fast, secure and reliable document signing that you can trust.

Key Statistics:

  • Create secure document templates and share them with multiple signers

    WayMore eSignature makes document signing easy and reliable. Create secure and legally binding document templates from PDF or Word and share them with multiple signers. WayMore helps you save time so you can focus on other things that make a difference.

  • Include multiple signers and to-dos for one document

    Make document signing a breeze with WayMore eSignature. Add multiple signers and to-dos, and track document statuses accurately at every step of the process. Streamlining your document signing process to ensure every agreement is compliant and accurate

  • Plans offer unlimited documents, signers and storage space

    WayMore eSignature plans are unbeatable with features like unlimited documents, signers, storage space and more. It’s easier and faster to manage document signing and collaboration without ever having to worry about usage limits.

  • Intuitive dashboard to monitor and track document statuses

    Keep track of all document statuses with WayMore eSignature’s simple, intuitive dashboard. Get complete visibility into document statuses, keep track of document due dates, and ensure secure storage without running into any issues.

  • Ensure secure storage of all your eSign documents for 145 days.

    WayMore eSignature provides secure, legally binding eSignatures and document storage for 145 days. You can store documents securely with heightened encryption measures, and never be at risk of losing access to your agreements.

  • Seamless integration with all your existing applications

    WayMore eSignature easily integrates with all your existing applications. Connect by embedding a small code into your existing applications to streamline your document signing and sharing processes with ease.

  • Instant document delivery via email or link

    Share documents instantly with email or a secure link. WayMore allows you to send documents within seconds and keep them secure during delivery with automatic encryption measures. Forget about waiting for documents to be delivered.

  • Integration with all major browsers and mobile devices

    WayMore eSignature works with all major browsers and mobile devices. Sign documents online without downloading any additional software at any time or any place with the highest level of reliable security.

  • 24/7 support via email and chat

    WayMore eSignature provides fast and friendly customer support on both email and chat. 24/7 support means that you can get help on any issue when it’s most convenient for you. Businesses don’t need to suffer from document issues.

Key Features:

  • Using WayMore eSignature, you can sign documents in minutes vs. days or weeks.

    WayMore eSignature is the perfect tool to reduce the time taken to sign documents from days or weeks, to just minutes. Using the simple drag & drop interface users can easily sign agreements, contracts and other documents quickly and securely, saving hours of valuable time and increasing efficiency.

  • WayMore eSignature’s cloud solution saves up to 87% on document-related costs.

    By having documents in the cloud and using WayMore eSignature, companies can save up to 87% on document-related costs. These savings come from reduced operational costs, paper savings, and faster document turnaround that WayMore eSignature’s online document signing platform offers.

  • WayMore eSignature securely stores documents for up to 145 days.

    WayMore eSignature’s cloud-based solution securely protects and stores documents for up to 145 days, ensuring the document is available when it is needed. This is great for businesses that need to store documents over a long-term basis.

  • Documents signed with WayMore eSignature follow local and international laws and regulations.

    WayMore eSignature is developed with the latest encryption and security protocols that guarantee to keep documents safe and compliant with local and international laws and regulations. It is designed to ensure that documents remain safe and secure with the highest standards of data protection in place.

  • WayMore eSignature’s patented design helps reduce the chances of fraud.

    WayMore eSignature’s patented design helps to reduce the chances of fraud. Through its authentication and security features, documents are protected and remain legally binding, while access to documents and documents signing are protected. This helps to pre-empt fraudulent activities.

  • The WayMore eSignature experience is available via a range of browsers and devices.

    WayMore eSignature is available across all major browsers and devices, from laptops, tablets, to mobile devices. This means that your staff have the flexibility to sign documents from anywhere, making document sharing and signing easier and more efficient.

  • Using WayMore eSignature, you can electronically sign documents in under 60 seconds.

    With WayMore eSignature, your staff can sign documents electronically in under 60 seconds. It is the perfect tool to streamline the document signing process, getting agreements and contracts signed quickly and securely, without any hassle and delay.

  • WayMore eSignature is trusted by more than 8 million users around the world.

    WayMore eSignature is a trusted and reliable eSignature platform. It is trusted by more than 8 million users across the globe to get agreements and documents signed securely and quickly. It is the perfect digital solution for businesses of all sizes and industries.

  • Under WayMore eSignature’s standard subscription, you can quickly create unlimited documents.

    WayMore eSignature offers a standard subscription that allows businesses to quickly create unlimited documents. With this subscription, businesses can enjoy the full benefit of using WayMore eSignature to quickly and securely create agreements and contracts without any extra costs.

Comparison with Competitors:

  • DocuSign


    • Integration with mobile devices is limited
    • Price increases with features
    • Customer support is not 24/7
  • SignNow


    • Integration with accounting applications is limited
    • Security is not always up to par
    • No individual document customization options
  • PandaDoc


    • Pricing model can be confusing
    • Complicated document roles setting alongs process
    • Too many features/options causing confusion


Now that you know more about WayMore eSignature Cloud, you should have no problem deciding if it’s the right eSignature tool for your needs. WayMore eSignature Cloud’s cloud-based platform offers fast, secure, and at a subscription that is suitable to a wide variety of customer needs. With top-notch features, unparalleled privacy and security, and competitive pricing, it’s no wonder that WayMore eSignature Cloud is the leading eSignature platform today!