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this Black Friday

Are you ready for the “holy grail day” of eCommerce sales?

So, let’s ensure that you will succeed in planning and implementing the best Black Friday marketing campaign strategy.

Increase sales and revenue on the biggest shopping day of the year!

Make this year's Black Friday campaign a huge success.

It’s important to send messages to your customer base through as many channels as possible for maximum reach in order to get more net profit.

Use WayMore Omnichannel Campaign Manager to combine multiple communication channels and skyrocket your overall open rate. Therefore, make your investment on Black Friday & Cyber Monday count by improving your ROI.

WayMore Omnichannel Campaign Manager supports:
  • Automatic fallback channels
  • Multiple communication channels
  • Audience Segmentation
  • Seamless contact upload
  • Easy content creation interface
  • Easy campaign configuration

WayMore Omnichannel Campaign Manager

Start with fewer cost channels and finish your campaign with the most costly one which:

Start with Push Notification

What happens if the customer is not opted in to Push Notifications?

Auto-Fallback to

What happens if you don’t have the email address OR the recipient doesn’t see the email?

Auto-Fallback to Messaging Apps

Viber or WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger or Telegram.

Auto-Fallback to

The dominant channel that everyone sees but costs more.

> Don't want to use omnichannel, but a specific option? It's easily doable, it's up to you to configure your campaign.

WayMore OmniChannels



Push Notifications

Voice Call

Facebook Messenger






VK Messenger

and many more…

Clean your Black Friday database

We all know the value of email and SMS marketing, but it will be even more effective if you grow your list to include more subscribers who are genuinely interested in your Black Friday & Cyber Monday offers.

Before sending any campaign, make sure that your contact list is valid. Start using WayMore’s Validation services to easily clean up your database and get rid of any spammy invalid email addresses and numbers.

With WayMores’validation services you will:

  • improve the deliverability and performance of your campaigns
  • reduce spam complaints
  • increase open and click-through rates

Email Validator

Companies are ending up on a spam list because they are sending emails to invalid email addresses. Email Validator is used to validate the email address and make sure that the cost of email marketing is reduced while conversion is increased.

Number Validator

Customers are changing numbers quite often, and the companies are in need of cost-cutting by not sending SMS to invalid numbers where they are forced to pay for a cost that will never convert. 

Why WayMore?

WayMore is an omnichannel communication cloud platform, which consists of many different tools, aimed at increasing sales and reducing marketing costs. The high technology of the platform is based on data collection, analytics, automation and digital marketing. WayMore is for all businesses, regardless of industry or size. The simple design of the platform makes the user experience very easy.

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