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Add a better vibe
to your business conversations.

WayMore Viber Messaging

1.1 billion
Viber users worldwide.

More than 70 million interactions happen in an hour.

96% of messages are read within three minutes.

90% of consumers like to message business with their queries.

Increase your conversion rate by 78%

Be where your customers are and communicate with them using highly personalized, rich, and interactive content.
Achieve way better conversion rates and way more brand loyalty in a secured environment.

Rich multimedia content

Create enriched messages of up to 1000 characters that include text, images, emojis, buttons, stickers, special characters, video and voice.

Massive reach

Νο limits to your reach. Whether you have a hundred or million contacts, we have you covered. You can dispatch your campaigns, accurately and securely.

Maximum Security

Better safe than sorry. Viber Messaging servers are provided via private cloud servers that are fully secured with a firewall, so you can be confident that each message will be sent securely.

User-friendly platform

We don’t believe in complicated things. Create and send campaigns in under 5 minutes with our easy, yet powerful Viber tools.

Global coverage

Our global coverage spans over 360 networks and 220 countries, guaranteeing delivery of your Viber messages to users worldwide.

Easy API
and interface integration

We want you to take the easy road. You can set up Viber Voice messaging in no time with our state-of-the-art API and a Web Platform that allows for easy integration with your business.

Segment and personalize

Send segmented campaigns and personalized messages to your recipients to increase customer loyalty. Show your customers how important they are to your company.

Intelligent failover

Set-up intelligent failover solutions in case your messages are not read. Never miss an opportunity to connect with your audience.

Gain more with Viber

Improve customer

Capitalize on Viber’s super flexible functionality for both supreme one-way and two-way communication and take your audience engagement to the next level.

Cost effective

Pay only for the messages that reach your audiences, and nothing more. No matter the size of your campaign, Viber messaging has a pricing plan to suit your business requirements.

Increase conversions

Grab your audience’s attention with rich media, stimulate a desire for your products and services, and make them want to buy. Insert and easily configure call-to-action buttons and get your Viber business messaging to the next level of conversion.

Enrich your

Create compelling messages that allow you to express your brand voice freely. Easily add video, audio, gifs, stickers, and all sorts of multimedia to your Viber messages.

Get instant

No more waiting for someone to respond to an email. Receive speedy replies and feedback to your surveys or product offers.

Optimized customer

Take advantage of Viber’s “lightning quick chat experience”. Provide customers with way better customer support that can be combined with chatbot functionality.

Create and send a campaign
in 4 easy steps

1. Sign in to your Waymore account

If you don’t have an account, sign up now.

WayMore sign in
WayMore Account Topup

2. Top up your account

Top up your account using Visa, Mastercard, PayPal.

3. Start your campaign

Click "Communication" and “Viber” from the left menu of the main
dashboard and get started with your Viber campaign.

WayMore_Viber Start Campaign

4. Register a sender ID & use the Viber Campaign service to send your campaign

Just fill in a form with the all the necessary details (company details, campaign details, message details, rich media branding features).

Powerful Marketing.
Simple Pricing.

Νo binding contracts, no hidden fees.

We’ll always be clear with our costs. Take our word for it. That’s why our Viber pricing is based on a pay-for-what-you-use model, so you can benefit from our advanced tools and excellent commercial terms without paying extra.

Simple and way more affordable than you would have thought.

WayMore Pricing

Combine Viber messaging with matching services and win way more.

Viber Voice

Cloud IVR

Text to speech

Easy integration with other platforms

Built to integrate.

Our API easily integrates with any other third-party platform, allowing the use of automation and multi-agent access.

We work seamlessly with hundreds of CRM, CMS and eCommerce platforms or apps to streamline processes. Recognized for its ease of use and flexibility.

  • • Connect with your ecommerce platforms
  • • Import data to CRM
  • • Drive online traffic

The average Viber user launches the app 12 times a day

So, be there.

WayMore Viber