WayMore.io Automation Platform

Pre-built automation flows

Increase conversions,
build customer loyalty
and save time.


Introducing automation into your eCommerce model
is essential to make your life easier and win more.

Welcome your customers, eliminate cart abandonment, send out order confirmations, generate new leads, and more than you can think of. Create an overall, multi-level customer experience using WayMore’s pre-built flows and let the automation do the heavy lifting for you.

New order notification flow

Separate yourself from the competition, taking care of the direct service of your customers. Our eCommerce automation platform allows you to speed up your order fulfillment process, notifying you immediately of new orders.

Login information
process flow

Ensure that your customers will never experience any problems logging into their account by setting up eCommerce email automation workflows that provide newly registered buyers with login information.

Payment confirmation
messages flow

Give further assurance to your customers by notifying them when their payment goes through or vice versa, so they can quickly update their payment and deliver their orders on time.

New registration update flow

Start working on your relationship with your client from the very first moment. Get instant notification when someone creates an account so you can add them to your eCommerce email automation workflow and nurture your relationship.

Order confirmation
messages flow

Reassure your customers about their purchases with an automated purchase tracking message that confirms they have successfully placed an order.

Cart abandonment
reminders flow

Give an extra boost to indecisive shoppers. Streamline your sales by proactively sending automated reminder messages when a shopper has a full cart but hasn't completed their purchase even after 3 days.

New customers welcome flow

Make a great first impression with automated welcome email automation for every new customer who signs up to your site. WayMore eCommerce marketing automation allows you to send an automated welcome email to greet your latest customers and welcome them to your community.

Out of stock alerts flow

Be one step ahead. Know when it's time to update your inventory and restock certain items with instant notifications that let you know which items are running low.

Order status customer
notification flow

Improve your customers' experience by proactively notifying them of any updates to their order. Set up eCommerce email automation workflows that notify your customers of the latest changes to their order status - whether it's being prepared, shipped, or on its way.

New products customer
notification flow

Spread the news when you have new product arrivals. Use e-commerce email marketing and newsletter marketing to provide your customers with the latest products you have in stock. Create email automation workflows and eCommerce email templates that you can customize with the most relevant products and categories for each recipient.

Way More to Gain.

Increase sales

Do more in less time, free up your staff, and increase your sales with the power of automation.

Reduce your expenses

Use your resources wisely, reduce your expenses and at the same time increase your revenue with the help of automated flows.

Improve customer experience

Create unique customer experiences by offering personalized offers, content, and suggestions according to the profile of each customer.

Save time

Save you and your staff time for the things you can’t automate. Automate your flows and campaigns and use your resources more efficiently.

Get more out of each
customer funnel

Generate new leads, achieve customer retention, and repeat sales across all channels without having to constantly work on your strategy.

Build customer loyalty

Keep your customers happy, show that you care about them, and gain their trust and loyalty by sending personalized automated campaigns.

Powerful Marketing.
Simple Pricing.

Νo binding contracts, no hidden fees. We’ll always be clear with our costs. Take our word for it. With WayMore’s subscription-based model, you can benefit from our advanced tools and excellent commercial terms without paying extra. Simple and way more affordable than you would have thought.
WayMore Pricing

Everything you need to succeed.

A wide range of rich features, designed to improve the efficiency of your Pre-built flow solutions.

Omnichannel solution

Create and send any automated messages, any time. Your messages will be delivered fast and securely.

Failover available

WayMore’s intelligent failover options make sure your messages get through to every customer, on every channel.

Easy platform setup

No technical skills required. Create and send your automated campaigns in under 5 minutes.

Integrated analytics

Detailed real-time reports on customer behavior including time, location, messages read, conversion rates can all be tracked and analyzed.
WayMore Integrations

Built to integrate.

Connect your favorite platforms and apps to WayMore to save time and do more with your texts. We work seamlessly with hundreds of CRM, CMS, and eCommerce platforms or apps to streamline processes. Our advanced API is recognized for its ease of use and flexibility.

  • • Connect with your eCommerce platform
  • • Sync your CRM data
  • • Most competitive pricing

Accelerate automation with flow solutions, save time and increase your sales, starting today.