WayMore.io Automation Platform

03. Implement

Wherever your customers go,
you can be there first.

Create the path to provide each customer a unique,
personal, and interactive experience, every step of the way.

Manage customer journeys from
start to finish with AI powered
intelligent automation.

Change what your typical, day-to-day job flow looks like.

Let WayMore do much more than just send emails or SMS for your Business. Meet your customers exactly where they are, delivering the kind of content they are there for.

Go beyond simple journey mapping to offer a new path to a data-driven, customer-centric experience, all while having your campaigns optimized by AI.

Orchestrate actions, coordinate workflows, and reserve resources in advance, optimizing for efficiency and automating tasks that have become too large to manually complete.

As you continue to run campaigns and expand your datasets, WayMore improves its algorithms and the accuracy of its predictions, improving success rates over time.

Just drag and drop to launch your campaigns with way more agility and ease, maximizing productivity in every step of the way.

WayMore automation platformimplement

Seamlessly manage, automate, and optimize campaigns to provide your customers with personalized experiences, using an omnichannel approach.

Save time and resources and choose a flow from our collection of flows, corresponding to each step of the customer journey.
Build your automation flows, triggered by the lifecycle stage your customers are at or their behaviours, with our super easy drag-and-drop builder.

Ad Hoc

Whether it’s an event, a special discount, or a new product release, we’ll make sure your ad hoc campaigns are far from boring.

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