WayMore.io Automation Platform


Let your customer pick,
the most suitable time for you and them.

Automate your appointment
and enhance the user experience.

Flexible communication made easy.

Give your customers the option to set up an appointment with you effortlessly, using their preferred date and time. Send verifications and reminders prior to your appointments to eliminate no-shows, or even create easily 3D barcodes appointments for print or digital purposes.

3D Barcodes

Print 3D barcodes to your business cards or use printed (Newspaper) or TV Ads with 3D barcodes to directly book appointments.


Send reminders or PIN verifications to your customers before the appointment and avoid no-shows or late arrival.

cycle time reduction

Dealing with paperwork is the biggest time waster.

Let your customers do everything digitally, and reduce a ton of tedious paperwork related to penciling in dates and contact details.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Build brand loyalty by offering customers a seamless online booking appointment experience by increasing customer satisfaction, customer retention, and customer lifetime value.

Reduce No-Shows

Connect with your customers easily and send out verifications and reminders prior to appointments. Stop losing out on revenue.

Save Time & Increase Productivity

Eliminate the back-and-forth communication and save tremendous amounts of time from your staff that they would normally spend handling phone calls and managing schedules.

Lead Generation

Gather leads and capture details such as phone number, email, and Skype ID which will help you keep track of your appointments with customers.

Way More to Gain

Optimize Lead Qualification

Users that fit the criteria set by your business are guided through a well-structured lead funnel.

Grow Your Business

Offer an optimized customer experience by providing personalized customer support and efficiently converting new leads.

Enjoy omnichannel flexibility

Don’t only rely on calls. Connect your customers and leads to your business representatives, on the communication channel they prefer.

In-depth Insights

Real-time, extensive reporting which enables you to get to know your customers better, and utilize the data to create meaningful campaigns.

Enhance Scalability

Drive scalable business growth. Easily adapt to changing leads’ volume and expand your revenue targets.

Increase Customer Loyalty

Increase your customer satisfaction and customer experience by simplifying the way prospects and customers reach your business.

Allow your customers to
conveniently book an
appointment with you online.

Streamline processes and
enhance business productivity.

Powerful Marketing.
Simple Pricing.

Νo binding contracts, no hidden fees. We’ll always be clear with our costs. Take our word for it. Our pricing structure is designed to suit your business. Pay only for a flat subscription fee.

Simple and way more affordable than you would have thought.

35% of customers prefer scheduling appointments during non-business hours.

Make it easy for customers to reach you.