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Get an all-in-one solution for managing the marketing strategy of your Retail business effectively. Our advanced digital marketing platform provides a set of tools for unifying your eCommerce and physical store operations to boost sales and maximize your profits.

Let automation work for you!


Build your own automations according to your needs.

Increase your revenue
and upgrade your practices.
Your eCommerce and physical stores are not separate units.
Combine their power in your marketing strategy to increase your profits.
We help phygital retail professionals optimize their:
  • •Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)
  • • Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV)
  • • Customer Retention Rate (CRR)
  • • Customer Churn Rate (CCR)
  • • Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)
  • • Lead Generation

All the right channels
for your practices.

> Improve Lead Generation

Turn your physical store to lead source.

Use case:

  1. Place a tablet with a WayMore Form next to the cashier.
  2. Customers fill in the form to get your newsletter and special offers.
  3. Automatically the email address and tel. number are getting validated to retain a “clean” database.
  4. After the form submission, the customers receive an automated email with their unique customer ID to use it for future purchases. This can be also a QR code.
  5. WayMore Customer Profile gets automatically updated whenever the customers use their code.
  6. Match automatically each contact with your eCommerce and consolidate your contact list.

Waymore Modules

  • • WayMore Forms
  • • WayMore Automations
  • • WayMore Customer Analytics
  • • WayMore Validation Services

>Increase Customer Lifetime Value

Automate your personalized cross-selling.

Use case:

  1. Customers complete purchases from both your physical and eCommerce store.
  2. Using their unique ID, you keep track of their purchasing habits.
  3. Launch automated personalized offers for additional products that match perfectly the product bought from each customer.
  4. Make sure that your offer reaches the customers by using fallback communication channels.

Waymore Modules

  • • WayMore Customer Analytics
  • • WayMore Campaign Manager
  • • WayMore Omnichannel
  • • WayMore Automations

>Reduce Customer Churn Rate

Hear your customers’ feedback.

Use case:

  1. Customer complete their purchases using their unique ID.
  2. Immediately, an automated SMS Survey is being sent to the customers to submit their evaluation for your product pricing, product quality, and customer experience.
  3. Customers’ WayMore profile is getting updated and the algorithm identifies customers that have high risk to churn.
  4. Send automated personalized offers to these customers to prevent them to churn.

Waymore Modules

  • • WayMore Automations
  • • WayMore Omnichannel
  • • WayMore Customer Analytics

>Improve Customer Retention

Build smart loyalty programs.

Use case:

  1. Reward your loyal customers that have purchased from you more than one time.
  2. Everytime customers complete an order using their unique ID, their WayMore Profile is getting automatically updated.
  3. Score points for each customer, according to the purchasing frequency and value.
  4. Segment automatically the customers to Bronze, Silver, and Gold.
  5. Send automatically offers based on the loyalty level.

Waymore Modules

  • • WayMore Omnichannel
  • • WayMore Automations
  • • WayMore Customer Analytics

>Improve your ROAS

Make your campaigns more effective effortlessly.

Use case:

  1. Add UTM parameters to all your digital marketing campaigns.
  2. Build targeted Landing Pages for each campaign and add trackers to each CTA.
  3. WayMore is able to track down all the customers that purchased from each campaign.
  4. WayMore provides you automated reports for the campaigns and suggest you which campaigns are effective to invest more budget, while reducing the budget for the ineffective ones.

Waymore Modules

  • • WayMore Landing Pages
  • • WayMore Customer Analytics
  • • WayMoreDigital Campaign Cost Optimization

>Improve Customer Acquisition Cost

Target the right audience.

Use case:

  1. Create a Pop up notification in your website, so users registering an account will receive a -10% discount for their first order.
  2. After account registration, WayMore’s algorithm updates progressively their profile for up to 400 different characteristics, related to purchasing behaviour, overall interests, and intentions.
  3. Use these characteristics to create very targeted audience segments.
  4. Promote your offers to a targeted segment using preferred channel per customer to maximize reach rate.

Waymore Modules

  • • WayMore Pop Up
  • • WayMore Customer Analytics
  • • WayMore Omnichannel
  • • WayMore Campaign AI

Use cases


Increase Revenue

Improve Customer Loyalty

Reduce Customer Churn Rate

Automate Processes

Global Omnichannel Communication

Advanced Audience Segmentation

Advanced Analytics

All-in-one Cloud Platform

User-friendly Interface

Seamless Integration

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