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Get an all-in-one solution for managing the marketing strategy of your Finance business effectively. Our advanced digital marketing platform provides a set of tools for omnichannel marketing to maximize the profit from your members and optimize your marketing costs.

Let automation work for you!

Build your own automations according to your needs.

Increase your revenue
and upgrade your practices.
Use effectively every piece of data you have for your members.

We help bank professionals to improve their:
  • •Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)
  • • Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV)
  • • Customer Retention Rate (CRR)
  • • Customer Churn Rate (CCR)
  • • Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)
  • • Lead Generation

All the right channels
for your practices.

> Improve Customer Acquisition Cost

Do more than Below-the-Line advertising.

Use case:

  1. Embed QR codes to each of your Below-the-Line campaigns. 
  2. Customers scan QR codes and linked to dedicated landing pages designed with WayMore’s landing page builder.
  3. Attach a WayMore Form to generate the leads from the landing pages. 
  4. WayMore database is automatically updated for each lead generated. 
  5. Use WayMore’s Omnichannel Campaign Manager to segment your audience and send your promotional messages with multiple communication channels. 

Waymore Modules

  • • WayMore Forms
  • • WayMore Landing Pages
  • • WayMore Customer Analytics
  • • WayMore Omnichannel Campaign Manager

>Improve Return on Ad Spend

Optimize your digital ads expenses.

Use case:

  1. Add UTM parameters to all your sponsored campaigns running on Google, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter etc. 
  2. Integrate your website with WayMore. 
  3. WayMore platform automatically generates reports for you with remarks to optimize your campaigns, according to their effectiveness and available budget.

Waymore Modules

  • • WayMore Digital Campaign Cost Optimization

>Improve Customer Lifetime Value 

Go truly omnichannel.

Use case:

  1. Integrate all your data sources with WayMore: CRM, Core Banking System, Website, Mobile App.
  2. Enrich progressively each customer’s WayMore Customer Profile with up to 400 different characteristics, according to their activity. 
  3. Use these characteristics to build accurate customer personas. 
  4. Implement automated marketing communication flows for each persona. 
  5. Send personalized offers for cross/up-selling more products to your customers.
  6. WayMore’s AI will choose the most converting channel per customer.

Waymore Modules

  • • WayMore Intergrations
  • • WayMore Mobile App Sensors
  • • WayMore Customer Analytics
  • • WayMore Automations
  • • WayMore Omnichannel Campaign Manager
  • • WayMore Campaign AI

>Improve Customer Retention Rate

Award your loyal customers.

Use case:

  1. Track down customers from all data sources that reach certain amount of transactions.
  2. Build a loyalty program from “Bronze”, “Silver”, and “Gold” customers, based on the transactions amount.
  3. Send them automatically personalized awards according to their loyalty level.

Waymore Modules

  • • WayMore Omnichannel Campaign Manager
  • • WayMore Automations
  • • WayMore Customer Analytics

>Reduce Customer Churn Rate

Keep your customers happy.

Use case:

  1. Serve your customers whenever they want an answer by using WayMore Chatbot AI.
  2. WayMore’s AI Chatbot supports Machine Learning, in order to get self-educated based on the customers’ inquiries. 
  3. Integrate the Chatbot into your Website and Mobile App. 
  4. Provide the option of Live Chat or Video Conference call for certain high-risk requests. 
  5. Keep your customers satisfied by supporting them 24/7.

Waymore Modules

  • • WayMore Chatbot AI
  • • WayMore Video Conference

>Improve Google Ratings

Avoid bad ratings.

Use case:

  1. WayMore sends you automatically a report for bad ratings recorded for you in Google. 
  2. Analyze the bad comments to make improvements. 
  3. Send SMS Surveys after a transaction is completed in a physical store to avoid bad comments in advance.

Waymore Modules

  • • WayMore Advanced Analytics
  • • WayMore Surveys

Use cases


Increase Revenue

Improve Customer Loyalty

Reduce Customer Churn Rate

Automate Processes

Global Omnichannel Communication

Advanced Audience Segmentation

Advanced Analytics

All-in-one Cloud Platform

User-friendly Interface

Seamless Integration

WayMore OmniChannel Campaign Manager



Push Notifications

Voice Call

Facebook Messenger






VK Messenger

and many more…