WayMore.io Automation Platform


Run dynamic automations

Deliver powerful experiences.


Designing customer journeys
just got a lot easier.

Automate your customer journeys and your marketing activities in just a few clicks.
WayMore’s drag-and-drop automation builder will let you set up automated workflows in minutes. From automated text messages to automated emails, and from push notifications to social platform ads, let automation do the work for you throughout your customer lifecycle.

Automated processes

Automate repetitive tasks. Seamlessly manage campaigns and provide your customers with personalized experiences, without spending important resources to execute them manually.

Personalized omnichannel experiences

Personalize experiences with automated messages such as emails, SMS and browser push notifications, all based on specific triggers and lead engagement behavior with your brand.

Easy automation

Αccelerate campaign launch by setting up automated workflows in minutes, using our drag-and-drop automation builder. Build your automation flows triggered by the lifecycle stage your customers are at or their behaviors.

Everything in one

All your automations in one place, nice and neat. Check performance reports quickly, then make tweaks without worrying about stuff going wrong. Your whole customer lifecycle is connected across every channel.

Extensive library of email templates

A large collection of ready-made automation templates grouped in categories, will help you instantly run workflows without having to create them from scratch.


We’ve got it. WayMore can be integrated with all your favorite software, apps and tools. Connect with other platforms, automatically update info or schedule campaigns.

Drive growth

Building marketing automation flows may seem like a daunting task. It doesn’t have to be. With WayMore you can automate and orchestrate cross-channel campaigns in minutes, using our drag-and-drop automation builder or by choosing one of our ready-made templates. Build marketing automation flows with WayMore and see your business grow, while saving precious time.

Way More to Gain.

Increase conversions

Move prospects down the funnel faster and generate more qualified leads. Choose from a variety of triggers and send the right message to the right leads at the right time.

Build connections for
improved retention

Attracting new customers costs more than keeping existing ones. Build better connections with your existing customers, anticipate their behavior and nurture them with perfectly-timed messages to keep them engaged.

Improve customer

Manage all customer-related information from one place and send personalized automated messages to your audience, with products and offers related to their preferences, using predictive analytics.

Scale operations

Start building complex automations across Marketing, Sales, and Customer Service. Create predictable, repeatable growth with advanced nurture sequences, personalization response triggers, and much more.

Optimize productivity

Save time and resources. Free your team to deliver a higher business impact, focus on building meaningful connections and leave the execution to WayMore.

Make operations
more efficient

Set automatic reminders and send automated notifications for tasks whenever required, by providing timely access to information.

Automation builder

Create and send automated campaigns
in 6 easy steps

1. Sign in to your WayMore account

If you don’t have an account, sign up now.


2. Top up your account

Top up your account using Visa, Mastercard, PayPal.

3. Start your campaign

Click “My Campaigns” from the left menu of the main dashboard
and get started with your campaign.


4. Create a contact list

Add your users’ contact details manually, upload a file with their emails, or import contacts from a third-party service.

5. Build the flow for your campaign

Choose your preferred channels and fallback options.
Write strong subject lines and effective messages. Speak to your
customers in their language.


6. Enter the content
of your campaign

Add your users’ contact details manually, upload a file with
their emails, or import contacts from a third-party service.

Powerful Marketing.
Simple Pricing.

Νo binding contracts, no hidden fees.
We’ll always be clear with our costs. Take our word for it. With WayMore’s subscription-based model, you can benefit from our advanced tools and excellent commercial terms without paying extra. Simple and way more affordable than you would have thought.

WayMore Pricing

Everything you need to succeed.

A wide range of rich features, designed to improve the efficiency of your campaigns.

Easy-to-use drag-and-drop builder

Set-up your automations in just a few minutes with advanced design features. No coding needed.


Set automated responders based on event triggers (e.g. welcome emails, shipping notices, order confirmation SMS, password reminders, cart abandonment, product recommendations) to reach recipients.

A/B testing

Measure the effectiveness of your automated campaigns, see which of them responds better and improve the efficiency of your communication.

Scheduling campaigns

Create automated campaigns and set the time and date you want them to be sent.

Failover Channels

Use fallback options to reach users if they don’t react to your initial message.

Real-time reports

Track audience engagement and metrics in real-time. Use these reports to optimize your performance.

CRM integration

Integrate your CRM, e-commerce, CMS, customer support, Chatbot, analytics or any other platform that you use with WayMore services.

WayMore Integrations

Built to integrate.

Connect your favorite platforms and apps to WayMore to save time and do more with your campaigns. We work seamlessly with hundreds of CRM, CMS and eCommerce platforms or apps to streamline processes. Our advanced API is recognized for its ease of use and flexibility.

  • • Connect with your platforms, apps or software
  • • Sync your data
  • • Monitor everything in one place

Marketing executives lose approximately 10-15% of their time by not taking advantage of simple task automation.

Don’t waste any more time.