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More than just a message

Get the conversations started on the messaging
apps your customers use every day.

WayMore Messaging Apps

A place to interact with customers
casually and instantly, allowing for
proactive and reactive communication.

You now have endless options to message your audience and reach them where they are at. Keep them captivated across a wide variety of channels and take your interactions to the next level using highly personalized, rich, and interactive content.


Breakthrough to a global audience of 1.1 billion users. Send multimedia content to engage with your audience through our easy-to-use platform.


Take hold of WhatsApp's influence and powerful functionality, and provide unique and user-defined customer experiences.

Facebook Messenger

Create an optimized brand experience to drive sales and customer loyalty. Amplify your impact on Facebook and improve communication with your audience.


Send powerful messages that will be read by your audience, capitalizing on deep personalization, effortless segmentation, and instant delivery with a worldwide reach.


Upgrade your brand's text messaging with our Rich Communication Service. Level up your customer experience with video, voice, emoji, and pictures.


Share experiences and conversations with the users that matter to you, wherever they are, using Skype’s text, voice, and audio. Do things together, even when you are apart.

Apple Business

Connect with your audience to answer their questions, schedule appointments, and help them make their purchases right from their iPhone or iPad.

VK Messenger

Stay in touch with your audience. Reach users’ via the phone number they've linked to their social network profiles.


Make your audience feel safe. Stay connected using Signal’s advanced privacy-preserving technology.

56% of messaging app users message brands
for information in their buyer's journey.

Meet your audience where they usually ‘hang’,
on their favorite messaging apps!

Fine-tune your content to their needs, deliver the right message at the right time,
and give them all the support they need for a seamless customer experience.

Interactive communication

Have real conversations with customers. Give them the opportunity to respond and connect them with goods and services that are of interest to them.

Massive reach

Why should we limit you? Whether you have a hundred or a million contacts, we have you covered. You can dispatch your campaigns accurately and securely.

Easy setup

No need to worry about the technicalities. Create and send campaigns in under 5 minutes with our easy, yet powerful tools.

Multimedia content

Easily add video, audio, gifs, stickers, and all sorts of multimedia to your messages. Send your users media-rich content they will want to read.

Segment and personalize

Add a personalized touch to your messages. Automatically segment your audience into groups of people with similar preferences, online behavior, and other measurable traits.

Intelligent failover

Your messages weren't read? No problem. We have the most efficient combination of channels, so you can always stay in touch with your customers.

Way More to Gain.

Improve the customer

Reach your target audience one-to-one and add a personal touch to your communication. Improve your response time with automated messages.

Higher delivery

We will optimize your delivery rates to ensure that your messages are sent, delivered, and read using failover capabilities.

Generate high-quality

Grab people’s attention and generate high-quality sales leads.

Increase conversions

Put the right messages in front of the right people. Promptly assist customers with pre-set responses so that they convert.

Enrich your communication

Liberate your messages from the character limit of text messaging. Create compelling messages that allow you to express your brand voice freely.

Gain instant feedback

No more waiting. Receive speedy replies and feedback to your surveys or product offers.
Messaging Apps

Create, set up and send all your messaging campaigns in under 5 minutes

Powerful Marketing.
Simple Pricing.

Νo binding contracts, no hidden fees. We’ll always be clear with our costs. Take our word for it. Our pricing structure is designed to suit your business.
Pay only for a flat subscription fee.

Simple and way more affordable than you would have thought.

WayMore Pricing

Everything you need to succeed.

A wide range of rich features, designed to improve the efficiency of your messaging campaigns.

Automated Responses

Deliver answers to your customer requests automatically through intelligent keyword recognition.

A/B testing

Create and send different versions of your message to test the effectiveness of your campaigns and improve the efficiency of your communication.

Campaign reports

Gain access to detailed real-time reports on message type delivery, read status, recipient location and conversion rate data.

Global delivery

Get your messages delivered, wherever your contacts are located, thanks to our own communication networks.

Easy CRM integration

Import all customer data collected into your CRM system and use the information across your business.

CTA functionality

Insert and easily configure call-to-action buttons. Take your business messaging to the next level.

Rich features

Send and receive rich-content messages that include text, images, buttons, emoticons, stickers, video and audio content or files of any type.

Branded sender ID

Set your brand identity (logo and icon) easily on your business profile and get the “verified” sign next to your Sender ID.

Powerful API

Connect your business with customers worldwide with our simple, secure, and reliable API.

24/7 Support

24/7 support service, 365 days per year, worldwide. We are very serious about support.
WayMore Integrations

Built to integrate.

Our API easily integrates with any other third-party platform, allowing the use of automation and multi-agent access.
We work seamlessly with hundreds of CRM, CMS and eCommerce platforms or apps to streamline processes. Recognized for its ease of use and flexibility.

  • • Connect with your ecommerce or analytics platforms
  • • Sync your CRM data
  • • Drive online traffic

Over 41 million messages are sent in an online minute.

Make yours stand out.

WayMore Messaging Apps