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Get an all-in-one solution for managing the marketing strategy of your business effectively. Our advanced digital marketing platform provides a set of tools for making the booking process easier and safer, improving customer experience, and communicating with your audience.


Build your own automations according to your needs.

Hotel Industry
Increase your revenue
and upgrade your practices.
Reach out to potential customers, automate your operations, build your contact list,
and go from simple connections to long-lasting relationships.
We help hotel professionals optimize their:
  • •ADR
  • • Revenue per available room(RevPAR)
  • • Average length of stay (ALOS)
  • • Online review
  • • ReRTI
  • • Easy data migration
  • • MPI

All the right channels
for your practices.

> Cross-sell more services

Increase Revenue.

Use case:

  1. During the check-in process, request for customer’s marketing opt-in offering a small discount as a perk.
  2. Data are updated in the customer’s profile in WayMore.
  3. Send automated targeted offers, based on the customer’s persona, using multiple channels Email/SMS/Push Notification/Voice.
  4. For example, send a 1+1 drinks offer for the Hotel’s bar to a male 29 years old customer.

Waymore Modules

  • • WayMore Forms
  • • WayMore Customer Analytics
  • • Waymore Automations
  • • WayMore OmniChannel

>Enhance customer experience

Harness your free WiFi Network.

Use case:

  1. Customers connect with your free WiFi network. 
  2. A landing page with a form appears in the screen as pop-up notification.
  3. Customers submit the form, after completing their contact details. 
  4. Email address/ Phone number get automatically validated. 
  5. WayMore updates the customers’ profile in its database. 
  6. Customers are now free to use your WiFi network. 
  7. Send automated push notifications to the customers when they are logged in the WiFi network.
  8. Update them for special events, happenings and other activities. 

Waymore Modules

  • • WayMore WiFi Automation
  • • WayMore Landing Pages
  • • WayMore Forms
  • • WayMore Validation
  • • WayMore Omnichannel

>Decrease customer churn rate

Hear your customers' feedback.

Use case:

  1. Customers complete their check-out in the reception.
  2. Immediately they receive a Survey with Email fallback SMS. 
  3. Customers submit the survey. 
  4. Based on their answers, WayMore scores Customers’ profile and tags each customer as “Satisfied”,  “Neutral”, and “Dissatisfied”. 
  5. “Dissatisfied” tag triggers an automated discount offer for next reservation.

Waymore Modules

  • • WayMore Automations
  • • WayMore Forms
  • • WayMore Omnichannel
  • • WayMore Customer Analytics

>Increase profit margin

Boost direct reservations.

Use case:

  1. Customers complete their check-out. 
  2. Customers receive an offer with a discounted code for their next reservation, if the reservation is made directly through the Hotel’s website. 
  3. After the use of this code, WayMore’s Customer Profile gets updated with certain loyalty points. 
  4. Customers are getting tagged as “Bronze”, “Silver”, and “Gold”, according to the number of points.

Waymore Modules

  • • WayMore Channels
  • • WayMore Automations
  • • WayMore Customer Analytics

>Increase sales

Build an advanced loyalty and referral program.

Use case:

  1. Integrate all your different software with WayMore, e.g. Hotel Management System, ERP, CRM etc.
  2. After the check-in is completed, the customers receive a unique loyalty code. 
  3. Customers use this code when they purchase any service that the Hotel offers. 
  4. Each activity adds up certain points that update customers’ WayMore profile. 
  5. Customers are getting tagged as “Bronze”, “Silver”, and “Gold”, according to the number of points.
  6. This code can be shared from the customers to a friend of them to make a reservation.
  7. Automated offers can be sent according to the loyalty level.

Waymore Modules

  • • WayMore Omnichannel
  • • WayMore Automations
  • • WayMore Customer Analytics

>Effective remarketing

Target the right audience.

Use case:

  1. WayMore’s Customer Analytics provide a comprehensive profile per customer that contains up to 400 different characteristics.
  2. Hotel’s marketeer uses WayMore to create targeted audience segments for certain customer personas. For example, customers that visited the hotel during low-season, accommodated in an expensive room, and have kids. 
  3. Then, create the content of a personalized offer. 
  4. Promote your offer to the target audience with multiple channels using the fallback option.
  5. Create an automation based on these parameters and repeat seamlessly the same process repeatedly.

Waymore Modules

  • • WayMore Omnichannel
  • • WayMore Automations
  • • WayMore Customer Analytics

>Automate your operations

Enhance your online reservation process.

Use case:

  1. Set up an AI Chatbot in your website.
  2. Customers visit your website to make a room reservation.
  3. Automated Chatbot pops up and guides the customers through the whole process to successfully complete the reservation.
  4. Customers receive a 2FA code to validate the reservation. 
  5. An email/ SMS is sent with a landing page that contains the payment gateway, in order for the customers to proceed with the down-payment.

Waymore Modules

  • • WayMore Chatbot AI
  • • WayMore 2FA
  • • WayMore Omnichannel 
  • • WayMore  Landing Pages

>Enhance customer support

Receive calls globally.

Use case:

  1. We provide for you Numbers for any country you want.
  2. You expose these Numbers on your website. 
  3. Customers make a free call to you.
  4. Before connecting with the call center agent, there is an automated flow of questions to get valuable information that are necessary for the agent. 
  5. Call is redirected to the relevant agent to complete the request.

Waymore Modules

  • • WayMore Numbers
  • • WayMore Cloud IVR

Use cases


Increase Revenue

Improve Customer Loyalty

Reduce Customer Churn Rate

Automate Processes

Global Omnichannel Communication

Advanced Audience Segmentation

Advanced Analytics

All-in-one Cloud Platform

User-friendly Interface

Seamless Integration

WayMore OmniChannel Campaign Manager



Push Notifications

Voice Call

Facebook Messenger






VK Messenger

and many more…

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