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Apple Business

Connect directly with your customers
using iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple Watch.

WayMore Apple Business

588 million
Apple users worldwide

More than 1.3 billion
Apple devices

11% of the global smartphone market share

22.85% increase in active iPhone users since 2017

Chat with your clients and provide
a personalized customer experience with Apple Business

Assist your customers, let them schedule appointments, and even complete purchases
with Apple Pay, directly via text messages. Stand out from the competition.

In-app transactions

Users don’t need to visit any external websites to make a purchase. With WayMore you can process payments within your Apple business app, from your users across the world. Welcome to the new era of transactions!

Provide successful customer support

Be where your customers are. Show them you’ll be there for them no matter what and encourage two-way communication, between them and your support team.

Improve customer experience

Go beyond expectations. Deliver consistent, personalized messages and provide an upgraded customer experience. We can help you get up and running in no time. Don’t waste any more time.

Segment your audience

Launch highly targeted campaigns based on your customer preferences or repeat business trends. Send exclusive offers to your loyal customers and increase your retention rates.

Personalized features

Let Business chat do the heavy work for you. Your customers can easily schedule appointments and deliveries through the scheduling templates and also make purchases with Apple pay.

24/7 Support

We are very serious about support. We provide our customers with 24/7 support service, 365 days per year, worldwide. Nothing less is good enough.

Gain more with Apple Business

Increase your revenue

With Apple pay, transactions have never been easier! Reduce cart abandonment and increase your conversion rate with zero effort.

Provide greater
customer satisfaction

Improve your response time with automated messages. Increase your revenue substantially with pre-set responses to your most frequently asked questions and keep your customers happy and loyal.

Get immediate feedback

Let your customers reach you with Apple business two-way messaging. Conduct surveys for product and brand improvement and use the feedback to improve customer experience.

Communicate with
your audience

Keep your customers updated. Send important information and reminders about events that people have scheduled, using Apple business’s API.

Segment your audience

Launch highly targeted campaigns based on your customer preferences or repeat business trends. Send exclusive offers to your loyal customers and increase your retention rates.

Engage with your audience

Keep your customers updated on your latest products and services. With WayMore you can launch automated campaigns, based on new content such as blog posts and e-commerce catalogs.
WayMore.io marketing automation platform

You are 4 steps away from creating
your Apple Business campaign

1. Sign in to your Waymore account

If you don’t have an account, sign up now.

WayMore sign in
WayMore Account Topup

2. Top up your account

Top up your account using Visa, Mastercard, PayPal.

3. Start your campaign

Click "Communication" and “Apple Business” from the left menu of the main
dashboard and get started with your Apple Business campaign.


4. Register a sender ID & use the Apple Business campaign service to send your campaign

Just fill in a form with all the necessary details (company details, campaign details, message details, rich media branding features).

Powerful Marketing.
Simple Pricing.

Νo binding contracts, no hidden fees.

We’ll always be clear with our costs. Take our word for it.
Our pricing structure is designed to suit your business. We will charge you per subscriber, with no hidden costs or additional fees.

Simple and way more affordable than you would have thought.

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Combine Apple Business with the following services and watch your brand win way more.

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Voice broadcasting

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Easy integration with other platforms

Built to integrate.

Connect your favorite platforms and apps to WayMore to save time and do more with Apple Business. We work seamlessly with hundreds of CRM, CMS, and eCommerce platforms or apps to streamline processes. Our advanced Apple Business API is recognized for its ease of use and flexibility.

  • • Connect with your eCommerce or analytics platforms
  • • Sync your CRM data
  • • Drive online traffic

1.65 billion Apple devices
are in active use worldwide.

Reach your audience directly where they are.