WayMore.io Automation Platform


With the power
of your voice.

Voice services are a marketing superpower.
They can convey your product or service message better, create stronger connections.

Speak your message loud and clear.

Take your voice campaigns a step further, reach a broader audience and drive new business. Lead the voice revolution and deliver disruptive customer experiences! Engage with your audience seamlessly in a personalized and natural way.

Voice Broadcasting

Broadcast your voice in high definition. Segment your customer data and promote your business with personalized, natural and high quality voice messages.

Two-way Voice

Make each contact personal. Speak directly to your customers and offer practical services. Release your brand’s potential by saving valuable human resources.


Give your customers the chance to request a call from you. Build brand loyalty and make meaningful connections with them, while freeing up your human resources.


Run your campaign more efficiently all around the Globe. Conduct voice calls which can speak out your message, in any language, using natural and friendly voices.

Cloud IVR

Interactive Voice Response is the key to customer communications and way more conversions. Let customers talk to your IVR, collect useful insights and maximize call center performance.

Two-Factor Voice Authentication

Add that extra layer of protection to your business. Deliver authentication PINs to users regardless of their location, through voice calls.

+100% more personal than email.

It’s time we get started with better customer conversations.

Share your voice message with hundreds or thousands of customers all at once,
in the fraction of the time it would take humans to perform the same activity.

Easy setup

Designed to be fast and easy to set up and implement. We use efficient APIs that your business can easily integrate into its services.

Massive scalability

Why should we limit you? Whether you have a hundred or million contacts, we have you covered. You can upload your contacts and dispatch your campaigns, all at once.

Segment, personalize and schedule your campaigns

Segment your customer data, personalize information and schedule campaign delivery, in less than 2 minutes!

Global coverage

Don’t worry about your voice message getting delivered. Our extended global coverage spans over 360 networks and 190 countries.

Automated capabilities

Send out voice, email, Viber campaigns, push notifications or SMS flows, based on variables, events, and the actions your users take.

Natural human-sounding voice

Turn company greetings and information readouts into speech. Εxpress your content with intelligence and emotion, in a realistic, clear and human voice.

Way More to Gain.

Increase customer

Get way more personal. Deliver a more engaging and personalized user experience, and achieve a greater ROI.

Omnichannel failover

No need to stress. Our comprehensive failover options ensure your messages always get to your customers, at the right time.

Engage a global

With our extensive language coverage, you can speak to customers all over the world in their native language. Go global, speak like a local.

Enrich your customer

Give your audience more options to communicate with your brand. Open up an entirely new channels for audiences who are multitasking and can not consume content on the go.

Save human resources,
reduce costs

Reduce agent call volume, workforce costs and overall cost-per-call. Automate all inbound and outbound transactions and processes. Save time and reduce caller frustration.

Improve your
customer service

Take care and make lasting personal connections with your customers. Stand out from the crowd and enhance customer satisfaction by adding a reliable voice option.

Create and send a campaign
in 5 easy steps

1. Sign in to your Waymore account

If you don’t have an account, sign up now.

WayMore sign in
WayMore Account Topup

2. Top up your account

Top up your account using Visa, Mastercard,
PayPal, or WebMoney.

3. Start your campaign

Click "Communication" and “Voice” from the left menu of the main
dashboard and get started with your voice campaign.

WayMore Voice Start Campaign

4. Create a contact list

Add your users’ contact details manually, upload a file,
or import contacts from a third-party service.

5. Upload your audio file or type your text

Voice your message. You have the option to upload an audio file (.wav)
or manually type your text. Select language and type of voice based on gender.

WayMore Voice Upload audio

Powerful Marketing.
Simple Pricing.

Νo binding contracts, no hidden fees. We’ll always be clear with our costs. Take our word for it. With WayMore’s subscription based model, you can benefit from our advanced tools and excellent commercial terms without paying extra.

Simple and way more affordable than you would have thought.

WayMore Pricing

Everything you need to succeed.

A wide range of rich features, designed to improve the efficiency of your voice campaigns.

Automated Text-to-Speech

Run campaigns more efficiently. Define user actions that will trigger voice messages to your customers automatically.

A/B testing

Conduct tests to see which voice call engages with your customers better and optimize your services.

Scheduled Campaigns

Schedule the time and the day your service is activated, so you can be in complete control.

Failover Channels

Use fallback options to reach users if they don’t react to your voice message.

Real-time in-depth reporting

See detailed analytics about your voice campaigns. Measure your results and the impact your messages have on your customers.

Multiple languages

Personalize your voice message and send it in one of the 16 available languages.

Call logs

Track all call history and record phone calls automatically, in order to extract valuable reports to enhance your business services.

Speech recognition

Guide your customer interactions through our Cloud IVR services. Turn speech into text and determine the ideal automated route for their call.

Human-sounding speech

Turn your company greetings and information readouts into speech, using our unmistakably human API speech engine.

Visual IVR

Allow authorized staff in your organization to edit and customize your call center menus and flows with simple drag-and-drop tools that are intuitive to use and easy to master.
WayMore Integrations

Built to integrate.

Integrate voice calling within your favorite platforms applications. Make, receive, control and do more with your calls across the world.
We work seamlessly with hundreds of CRM, CMS and ecommerce platforms or apps to streamline processes. Our advanced API is recognized for its ease of use and flexibility.

  • • Connect with your ecommerce platform
  • • Sync your CRM data
  • • Drive online traffic

Don’t stay on mute.

65% of 25 to 49 year-olds speak to their
voice-enabled devices at least once per day.