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Use our plugins to integrate the applications, software and platforms you work with, into our all in one WayMore platform. Utilize our integration options to unify all your data so you can deploy trigger events, understand audience insights, and segment your customers, based on the information you have.

Go ahead and analyze your data using our descriptive analytics and progressive profiling, all in one unified dashboard, so you can then implement any automation you want with our easy-to-use campaign manager, and our pre-built flows.
Organize your marketing campaigns with an intuitive system and automation strategy in place and deliver seamless, personalized engagement across all channels throughout the customer journey.

Unlock revenue growth for your online store
with our full-service Marketing automation solution
for eCommerce

With our advanced descriptive and predictive analytics, you can monitor your campaigns and the demand for your products in real time, track your customers’ online activity, behavior and preferences, and even know their location or which channel they prefer to communicate through.

Once you understand all this data, you have the ability to continuously improve your marketing strategy and increase the sales of your ecommerce store, according to its needs and direction. You will also be able to eliminate unnecessary costs and invest your money where you can gain real profit.

Use the WayMore marketing automation platform for e-commerce to provide buyers with timely messages for each case. From changes in their order status, payment confirmation to reminders about abandoned carts. Take advantage of flow automation like welcome emails to create lasting first impressions or to send retention notifications, that will win back customers who have moved away.

WayMore’s set of Powerful
pre-built Marketing workflows

Just a few more of the things
you can do

Enhance customer experience and loyalty

> Birthday SMS
> Namesday SMS
> Proforma invoice on payment success
> VIP Customer Loyalty scheme
> Talk2Expert Video Call

Boost your sales with powerful features

> Coupon SMS
> Exit intent Popup
> Back in stock notification (+search)
> Abandoned cart reinsertion on next order and searched items
> Discount event based customized offer
> Contact profile characteristics to upsell and cross-sell
> Offers based on annual buying pattern

Tools to help you with marketing

> Popup on 75% scroll
> Post time based-offer on organic social networks
> Post time based-offer on paid social networks
> Create paid advertisement on new product creation

Tools to help you reduce your work load

> Interconnect Courier Services with pickup automations
> Automatically send order to provider on products out of stock
> New product automatically inserted

Tools to help you with reporting and data analysis

> Advanced per channel analytics
> Daily competition analysis report
> Monthly executive summary performance report

Advanced Management

> Greylist non active customers
> Blacklist invalid customers
> Physical order form to maintain stock and loyalty
> Dynamically enrich contact information
> Contact profile characteristics to upsell and cross-sell
> On search product, add to product line notification
> On search product, when back on stock
> Seasonality product prediction
> Market price comparisons and proposals

Extra features

> Create an API call to a endpoint
> Interconnect ERP
> Interconnect CRM
> AI product placement- match product with consumer probability
> AI product placement- dynamic behavioral pattern
> AI content placement
> Interconnect camera in physical store to gather visitor information

When it comes to engagement,
in omnichannel we trust.

Deliver efficient communication that engages and sells on the channels that your users prefer. Use SMS, email, voice, messaging apps, push notifications and create a seamless customer experience. Take advantage of the power of data and use the right channels for each customer. Stop sending on channels that are not being used and make sure your messages are always read.


Connect with customers on the go. 90% of text messages are read within 3 minutes.


Design and send emails like a pro. In 2023, there will be 4.3 billion email users.


Speak your message loud and clear. 65% of 25 to 49 year-olds speak to their voice-enabled devices at least once per day.

Push Notifications

Place your message directly in front of your users. Mobile users receive about 84 Push Notifications per day.

Messaging apps

More than just a message. 56% of messaging app users message brands for information in their buyer’s journey.

Pop ups

Attract your audience’s attention. Easily build popups that don’t annoy your visitors and improve your conversions.

WayMore forms

Make it easy for your audience to provide all the data you need and get way more responses. Collect and analyze any kind of information you desire and generate more leads.

AI Chatbot

WayMore’s AI Chatbot provides the ultimate customer experience, remembering conversations with users based on their recorded traits and preferences. As it self-improves over time, based on what users are asking for and how they are asking it, it can efficiently handle any user.

Predefined Chatbot

WayMore’s Predefined Chatbot is the fastest and easiest way to instantly power up your customers’ experience. Generate limitless responses to any questions your audience may have. It doesn’t get any simpler than that. Input questions and answers and let the communication begin!

Personalization & Segmentation

Segment your audience and personalize each message on every channel, based on the data you have for each contact, and enjoy the benefits of targeted communication.​

Gain more
with WayMore

Increase Sales

By reaching out to your customers at the right time and sending offers that align with their interests and purchase history, you can convert them more easily and increase your sale.

Up-Sell & Cross-Sell

With accurate purchase behavior tracking and advanced customer profiling, WayMore allows you to effectively up-sell and cross-sell products that are most relevant to each customer.

Save time

With the ability to automate the majority of your customer communications using pre-built flows and the automation builder, WayMore allows you to save time and resources.

Save money

With the ability to automate the majority of your customer communications using pre-built flows and the automation builder, WayMore allows you to save time and resources.

Get reports with the click of a button

Learn more about your customers’ preferences, habits, lifestyle, values, interests and more to improve their journey and retention and boost engagement and sales with Waymore’s advanced reporting.​


A Tailor-Made Solution
for Your Ecommerce Business

At WayMore, we understand that the needs of different businesses can vary depending on the industry, size, stage of development, and more. That’s why we also offer customized eCommerce marketing automation solutions, personalized for each business and tailored to address their unique challenges.

WayMore-Ecommerce Integrations

WayMore Platform Integrations

We support you with way more integrations than you can think of, so you can connect with your favorite CRM, CMS, and eCommerce platform or app and streamline your work.​
and many more

You need it, we’ve got it..

you need to succeed.

A wide range of rich features, designed to
improve the efficiency of your eCommerce store.

Seamless integration
with all eCommerce platforms

No matter what software you use, we can provide seamless integration with all eCommerce platforms. Get the plug-in, install it and start building in just a few minutes.

visitor profiling

Use personal demographics, consumer behavior, location, and purchase data to segment your lists, make customers feel valued, and get positive responses and better ROI.

Easy data migration
and consolidation

Migrate your automation, channels, forms, and user database with Waymore, easily and quickly.

personalized campaigns

Create omnichannel personalized experiences for your customers, based on the automated segmentation, and get the results you need from targeted marketing channels. Get more for less.


No need for complications. Build your automation flow easily and quickly with our drag-and-drop builder. Create a fully integrated automation, anytime you need it, in just a few minutes.


Build good-looking and effective landing pages that your audience will enjoy visiting with our flexible and user-friendly landing page builder.​

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