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Get all your links clicked. Achieve better results, and increase sharing by including in each CTA the short URL you want, no matter which channel you are using.


Get WayMore’s Short URL now*

You can easily include the Short URL in an SMS, an email, or a social media post and drive your customers straight to your website, landing page, or WayMore form. It is also easier for your audience to remember, share, and associate it with your brand.

*The service is available for use after communication with our support department.

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Shortened URLs can increase engagement by 39%

Greater User Trust

25% Easier Site Growth

Use WayMore’s Advanced Analytics
and get the best results from your campaigns

One of the most important benefits of a URL shortener is the ability to track clicks on each link you share. WayMore allows you to see a breakdown
of visitors by demographics, such as country or gender. You can also tell which of your social channels or posts are driving the most clicks.

Segment your audience based:

The date and time that the link was clicked/visited.

The IP of the user that clicked on the short URL.

The country of the user that clicked on the short URL.

The city of the user that clicked on the short URL.

The URL from which the user clicked on the short URL.

The device of the user that clicked on the short URL.

The browser of the user that clicked on the short URL.

Gain more with WayMore’s Short URL

Boost engagement

It’s much simpler to share a shorter link than a long, complicated one. This especially matters in scenarios where your audience can’t physically click your link or where you’re promoting your website one-to-one via SMS, email, or messaging apps.

Increase sharing

A shortened link is easier for your readers to click, copy, and share in their own posts, which can help your content gain organic exposure on social networks.

Make a good first impression

Long-form URLs can appear sloppy or untidy to audience members who are used to cleaner, shortened links.

Achieve better brand awareness

Your audience is more likely to engage with a shortened URL, especially if it’s recognizably associated with your brand.

Star features

Designed to improve the efficiency of WayMore’s Short URL tool

WayMore information

Gather all the information you need and take advantage of our progressive profiling.


Paged analytics

Get executive reports for any specific shortened URL to monitor the effectiveness of the campaigns.

The endpoint allows to shorten URLs

The domain to use when shortening the URL will be one of the domains registered by the customer, if one is not available we will return an error.

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