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Get your audience’s attention with Viber’s advertising solutions

Communicate with your customers
effectively and increase your sales


Promote your business via viber, targeting a global audience that is already spending time on the app.


Communicate with customers directly and intimately, using the stickers that suit you or create your own package.

300K stickers are
shared every day in
Viber’s chats

30% of users send
stickers daily

messages are sent
every day

70M+ interactions
take place every
single hour

Place your ads where your customers are

Effectively promote your business to the large Viber community, where people communicate with their friends and family.

Viber Calls

Rich ad format appearing when the user ends a call - can include animated visuals, text, and CTA button. The average click-through rate is 0.78%.

Viber Chats

The most viewed screen on Viber with users of all ages and countries, with an average click-through rate of 1.92%.

Viber Chats
Viber Explore

Viber Explore

Get exposure alongside premium brand content that our users love, with an average click-through rate of 1.5%.

Viber more

Expand your visibility to users that are visiting our sticker store, subscribing to international call plans, or updating their profile and settings. The average click-through rate is 1.45%.

Viber more
Viber for Desktop

Viber for Desktop

Take advantage of the Viber desktop community to showcase your brand. Single ad placement can be shown at the bottom left corner of Viber’s desktop application, with an average CTR of 0.40%, or a 30-second premium ad spot to broadcast your message to the most engaged users in a 300x250 video which gets 1.71% average CTR and 90% viewability.

Everything you need to succeed
with Viber ads

A wide range of rich features, designed to improve the efficiency of your Viber ads.

Market Segmentation

Ads are automatically shown to targeted audiences that are segmented according to their demographics, such as age, gender, etc., for better results and increased sales.

Customer Profiling

Reach the customer engagement you desire by promoting your ads to those who prefer and speak your language.

Customer Engagement

Deliver the right ads to the right audience, based even on the type of device they use for advanced results.

Advanced Analytics

Don’t lose any customers, knowing their interests, according to their previous activity on Viber and other platforms.

Talk to your customers on a playful
and efficient way with Stickers

Grab your audience’s attention, increase your brand awareness and engage effectively with your audience using the power of image with Viber stickers.


Provide customers branded content.


Connect with customers through sound for full-funnel marketing initiatives.



Bring your brand and stickers to life in a vibrant and expressive way.

Everything you need to succeed
with Viber Stickers

A wide range of rich features, designed to improve the efficiency of your Viber ads.

Free Download

Increase Brand Awareness and let users communicate with your branded stickers.

Free and Subscribe

Increase Engagement by automatically subscribing users to your Chatbot.

Free and join

Grow the audience of your Community and share relevant information with your followers.

Creation of new pack of stickers

Create your own sticker pack and increase your brand awareness easily and effectively.

Reach your customers where they already are and upgrade your business’s brand awareness, using Viber’s ads & Stickers.