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Email Validation

Stop spending on non-existing email addresses.

Easily clean up your databases and remove bad emails that are no longer in use.
Improve your deliverability and campaign ROI with email validation. Automate the whole process and revalidate your list every 30 days. Keep only deliverable addresses on your list to target valid emails and save big on costs.

Make sure your emails reach your audience.

Sending emails to a large database is not enough. They need to be delivered.
Verify the accuracy and quality of your email lists. Filter out addresses that are unsafe to deliver.

Check the syntax and format of the email addresses, the domain name and verify that the mailbox can receive messages without ever sending an actual email message to the submitted contact address.

Assist your email marketing efforts with our email verification tool.

email lists

Our Email Verifier will start analyzing and identify any emails that could be fake or that could risk your business sending spam.

GDPR compliance

We help you stay fully compliant with all GDPR requirements. We also provide details on a contact’s country of origin in the verification report.

Email verification
with Two Way SMS

Retrieve your contact’s correct email address with a Two-Way SMS asking them for their correct email address.

Free, quality reports

Receive a report for all email lists uploaded or imported for verification. You can be confident your email lists are clean.

Gain more with
WayMore Email Validation

Save money and time

Why should you pay for sending out emails to invalid addresses? Check your email list before the send-out, reduce the costs of the campaign, and email only valid addresses that can convert.

Improve deliverability

Rest assured that your emails will be delivered after using our email list cleaning service. Don’t let invalid addresses cause problems. Ensure that your emails will not be pushed to their spam folder and you will lose their attention.

Protect brand reputation

Take care of your Sender Reputation and protect it from possible account suspensions, bans, or fines. Use a cleaned email list to make sure you are sending out emails to addresses that will not reject your email, causing bounces.

Provide accurate
campaign insights

Bring accurate insights for your team to work on. Gain a better understanding of what your audience is responding to. Realign your email marketing strategy with more reliable metrics and make the necessary changes for more efficient results.

campaign ROI

Send out fewer and better-targeted emails than before using a more accurate and verified list, and improve your return on investment.

Increase customer engagement
and strengthen personalization

Free your subscriber list from all non-existent and incorrect email addresses and pay better attention to your recipients’ interests, choices, and priorities, gaining a clearer picture of what they want.

Validation EMail

Validate your emails
in 3 easy steps

1. Sign in to your WayMore account

If you don’t have an account, sign up now.


2. Top up

Top up your account using Visa, Mastercard or PayPal

3.Send an email validation request

Click "Email Validator” and “Send Request” from the left menu
of the main dashboard and get started with validating a single email
or multiple email addresses by uploading a file.


Powerful Marketing.
Simple Pricing.

Νo binding contracts, no hidden fees. We’ll always be clear with our costs. Take our word for it. Our pricing structure is designed to suit your business. Pay only for a flat subscription fee. Simple and way more affordable than you would have thought.
Easy integration with other platforms

Built to integrate.

Integrate email validation with your favorite apps or services and create consistent customer experiences.

We work seamlessly with hundreds of CRM, CMS, and eCommerce platforms or apps to streamline processes. Our advanced integration capabilities are recognized for its ease of use and flexibility.

  • • Connect with your CRM, ecommerce or customer databases
  • • Integrate
  • • Update automatically

Validate your email addresses
and stay up to date.