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WayMore’s progressive profiling allows you to collect the right information from your customers – at the right time, and make your campaigns more and more effective.


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WayMore’s advanced customer profiling gathers all the data to deeply segment your audience,
offering you an informed picture so you can effectively target campaigns.

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Progressive Profile

Increase sales

Gain helpful information about your customers and understand their exact needs. Predict customers’ preferences, buying behavior, and responses and deliver tremendous returns.

Reduce risk

Construct accurate and reliable pictures of customers to help with effective decision-making.

Optimize marketing campaigns

Determine customer responses or purchases, as well as promote cross-sell opportunities. Attract, retain and grow your most profitable customers.

Save Time

Progressive profiling can also save you the trouble of creating separate forms tailored to different landing pages on your website.

What makes WayMore unique

WayMore searches and enriches without any user interaction, fully automatically, between many different internet sources,
and your customer’s profiles.

You can learn more about your customers, compared to what:




knows combined, using WayMore Cloud.

Star features

Designed to improve the efficiency of WayMore’s Short URL tool

Up-to-date real-time data

Our Progressive profiling brings in all user behavioral data in real time so that you are always up-to-date and up-to-speed.

Extensive use

Extensive use of models

From classification algorithms that sort data by category such as female or male, email spam or not spam, to regression algorithms that are used to predict a numerical outcome such as price increase or decrease.

Powerful tools

Track campaigns and historical data, and gain an understanding of individual user behavior.

Powerful tools
Track power users

Track power users

Find early adopters, high spenders, or power users and the journeys they take. Optimize and adjust your product to engage them and match their needs.

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Take a deeper look into your customer’s likes and dislikes and create new opportunities for your brand.

Progressive Profiling