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Build beautiful, dynamic, and interactive forms in minutes. No coding needed, just powerful features and customization. 

What is WayMore Conversational Forms?

WayMore Conversational Forms provide a more engaging and interactive user experience. In contrast, traditional web forms are typically static, with a series of fields that users fill out. Instead of presenting a long list of fields, Conversational Forms present questions one at a time, guiding users through the form-filling process in a more conversational manner. Find applications in various areas, such as lead generation, customer surveys, feedback collection, user onboarding, and interactive quizzes, among others.

Main Benefits

Increased Engagement & Completion Rates

Conversational forms mimic real conversations, making the experience more enjoyable for users. This leads to higher engagement and reduced form abandonment.

Lead Qualification & Segmentation

With conditional logic, conversational forms can ask different questions based on previous answers, allowing you to sort and target leads more effectively.

Advanced Analytics & Insights

Track how users interact with your conversational forms to uncover valuable insights about your target audience and their preferences.

Mobile Optimization

Conversational forms excel on mobile devices because their question-by-question format is easier to navigate on smaller screens.

Greater Brand Personalization

Conversational forms can be customized with brand colors, fonts, and even a fun brand ‘voice’ to make the interaction memorable and unique.

Key Metrics

+80% Form Completion Rate

Conversational forms can boost completion rates by up to 80% compared to traditional formats. Due to their engaging, chat-style approach they keep users interested and motivated to finish the form, rather than feeling bogged down by a static questionnaire.

35% Time Saved on Form Data Entry

Conversational forms can automate data entry tasks, eliminating the need for manual data transfer and reducing the time spent on this repetitive work by up to 35%. This frees up valuable resources for employees to focus on more strategic tasks.

20% Reduced Bounce Rates

Including conversational forms can significantly reduce website bounce rates by up to 20%. This means more visitors who land on your page will stay engaged and explore your offerings, increasing the chance of converting them into leads or customers.

Key Features

Drag & Drop Builder

Create engaging conversational forms in minutes! Our intuitive drag-and-drop builder empowers you to visually design your form, add different question types, customize the look and feel, and set up logic for a natural question flow – all without needing any coding knowledge.

Conditional Logic

Make your forms dynamic and collect more relevant data. Branch the conversation based on users' answers, keeping them engaged and allowing you to qualify leads, personalize their experience, and route them to the most helpful information.

Question Types

Go beyond basic text input with a variety of engaging question types to capture diverse data and enrich the user experience. This includes multiple choice options, rating scales, upload images or videos, date pickers and many more.

Analytics & Reporting

Track form performance, identify trends, and gather insights into user behavior with robust dashboards, reporting tools, and visualizations.

Data Validation
& Security

Keep your data safe and accurate with advanced security features and built-in validation rules to prevent typos and ensure information integrity.


Connect seamlessly with CRMs, ERPs, and other tools for streamlined data flow and automation of follow-up actions.

The right forms tool
for your needs

Conversational forms are the future of online interaction, and for good reason. Ditch those clunky, impersonal forms! Conversational forms turn data collection into a friendly chat, boosting engagement, improving completion, and giving you better insights. This leads to happier customers. Ready to upgrade how you collect data? Try our solution today. Transform the way you collect information, generate leads, and elevate your brand interactions.