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Improve your Shopify experience with WayMore's Marketing Automation, including omnichannel communication services.


Integration Requirements

  • You will need a WayMore account on all of our platforms (SMS/Voice/Viber/Email/Push). 
  • You should already have the Shopify e-commerce store installed.

WayMore – Shopify Plugin

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Setup Guide

Head to our Installation Guide

Create your marketing campaigns

1. By clicking on “Add the app” you will be redirected to WayMore.

2. Create an account on WayMore platform.

3. Input your customers’ data in WayMore. By integrating your data, the platform automatically segments them regarding your preferences.
In order to create campaigns, you need to create the templates first.

4. Create templates of the message on WayMore platform for the service you want to use (SMS, Voice, Viber, Email, Push, RCS).

5. Use Waymore campaign template.

6. Start your campaign. Decide between these three options:
• Free model. Manual campaign sending with automated personalization.
• Pre-bought model. With the Pre-bought model you can decide within 10 fixed flows of communication.
• Customized model. With this model, you can actually create your own flow of communication fully customize the touchpoints in your customers’ journey. You can drag and drop flows easily and simply.

* Please note that our plugin does not operate on guest customers/visitors yet.

In order to create campaigns, you need to create the templates first.


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Set up your shop in minutes

Design your homepage, menus, site structure, and payment and shipping options easier and faster than ever before with a few simple steps.

Check everything easily and quickly at any time

All important information is available at a glance. Get a complete overview of important data with all orders, sales, customers, online people, sales analytics, and many other widgets with a single easy-to-use Dashboard.

Market your business

Use the built-in tools that help you create, execute and analyze digital marketing campaigns for immediate and successful results.

Tailor your store

Put your personal touch on your online store and make your brand recognizable to everyone. Choose your colors, your logo, and your preferred design from a range of professional themes.

Increase your sales

Take advantage of the endless possibilities that the combination of WayMore and Shopify can offer you and boost your business performance.

Benefit from advanced personalisation

Turn your data into a personalized experience for each customer. Reach and deliver relevant content based on site visitors’ interests easily and simply.

WayMore – Shopify Plugin

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Pricing Policy

Integrate Marketing Automation in your Business






80€+ /ΜΟΝΤΗ

Do you need assistance to complete the installation?

Our team of experts can take care of the entire process for you.

Click here to give us your consent in integrating the Waymore plugin with your Shopify e-Commerce website.

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