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5 reasons your business needs marketing automation-2024

marketing automation
From small startups to large organizations, companies should jump on the automation bandwagon.
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marketing automation
When it first emerged back in the 1980’s, marketing automation was reserved only for the wealthy and powerful businesses. Back then it was an incredibly expensive and highly bespoke tool that could only be built in-house. Fast forward to today, marketing automation has become a fundamental building block of productivity and efficiency, essential factors of success.

What is marketing automation in a nutshell?

Μarketing automation is the software that manages and automates tasks and processes of a marketing campaign from emails to text messages and social media, and customer segmentation to campaign management. Among its most prominent features are the following:
  • Automating repetitive tasks 
  • Scheduling social media posts
  • Developing optimal marketing patterns
  • Integrating marketing channels to deliver a comprehensive, cross-platform user experience
  • Measuring the effectiveness of marketing processes

5 reasons you should adopt a marketing automation tool

From small startups to large organizations, companies are jumping on the automation bandwagon. Here are 5 reasons why you should too.

Save on time and effort

Marketing automation is a labour saving tool, saving your business both time and effort. With a marketing automation tool, it’s possible to schedule everything in advance, so you can concentrate on more meaningful tasks, like strategic planning and problem-solving.

At the same time, an all-in-one marketing platform like WayMore, can save you the time and energy of jumping from one platform to the other, browsing between tabs to set up a campaign or track its performance.

And if we haven’t convinced you, here are some interesting research findings that will help you:

  • Nearly 250% boost in reply rate by automating your outreach efforts and follow-ups
  • Save over 6 hours every week by automating ads and social media posts. 
  • Save 80% of the time spent on tasks like content scheduling and workforce management

Improve lead generation

Lead generation is paramount to your business growth and it’s far from easy. There is a lot of work to be done in order to successfully nurture a lead into a customer who converts. A tool that can automate your lead nurturing process could for sure be of help. Collect all the necessary information on new leads, grab their attention by engaging pop-ups and design landing pages that are relevant and tailored to each visitor, through WayMore’s lead generation tools.

Without having to do all this manually, you will be giving your team time to focus on more important things like nurturing more promising leads.

Maintain a bird’s eye view of your systems

With so many different tools and software and shattered pieces of information, it is far too complicated for the modern marketer to understand a customer’s buying journey.

Marketing Automation is here to save the day, playing a crucial role in pulling all your data in one place. It is not just about providing the marketer with a bird’s eye view, as is the case with WayMore’s Unified Dashboard, marketing automation lets you also understand your customer better. From tracking the referral source to observing their activity on the website, everything is recorded and can be viewed from a single place, with tools like WayMore’s Analytics.

With the use of powerful, multi-functional tools you will gain a bigger picture of your data and how things work together, instead of forcing you to switch platforms. And in addition to that, you can access reports and look at how your audience is interacting with different messages and campaigns in real-time. This way you can track the impact of your marketing efforts on your sales, spot the red flags and poor performance, and adjust your strategies immediately. All this of course, while also building a better understanding of your audience.

Build personalized experiences

Personalization is the holy grail of modern day marketing. In order to be able to create unique customer experiences you need to know your customers, segment them and engage with them, to understand different customer groups and what they want, and to gain insight into how to turn one-off customers into loyal clients. Marketing automation enables you to do that, while it also allows you to create and automatically distribute messages that speak to the unique needs of each customer, based on their behavior. And as we all know, more personalized messaging means an increased chance of conversion, whether it’s a new lead or a long-time customer.

At the end of the day, your marketing efforts have to reach the right person with the right message at the right time. It’s about personalizing your content to cater to the needs of your personas and providing the right solutions when they want them the most.

Achieve greater consistency

By unifying all your marketing campaigns, one thing is for sure, your tone of voice will remain consistent. And consistency is key when it comes to effective customer engagement.
Delivering the right message to the right audience at the right time and on the right channel, can greatly influence the likelihood of both conversions and retention.

Take for example, your blog. When a visitor subscribes to it, you can set up an automated flow that sends a welcome email with trending content, along with an offer. Depending on you blog posting frequency and the set up, you can also send your new posts to your subscribers automatically, once they are published. You can forget about manually sending your subscribers an email with your new articles.

With marketing automation you can rest easy knowing that your audience on the internet will receive the same and consistent experience depending on their actions.

Ready to automate?

Marketing automation tools are a must if you are seriously attempting to increase sales, improve customer engagement and customer communication, and your up-selling opportunities.

With the help of marketing automation you can improve the efficiency of marketing and stay ahead of the competition. It connects marketing channels and makes communication stronger, giving you the ability to create consistent, one-on-one cross-channel journeys for a connected customer experience..

And if you are interested to see what marketing automation can do to your business, we are here to show you how marketing automation can help your business do way more.