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How to grow and monetize your email list using your blog?

monetize email list
Growing and monetizing your email list is a challenge many companies face. Using marketing automation you can provide blog content that speaks to your audience wants and needs and is aligned with their expectations and once you have them as email subscribers, you have to seize the opportunity and turn them into paying customers.
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monetize email list

Growing your email list organically and turning your subscribers into paying customers is a challenge many companies face.

If your blog has a steady readership, you’re almost there. Blog content that speaks to your audience wants and needs and is aligned with their expectations, is essential in order to attract visitors from organic traffic and increase opt-ins. Once they’re reading your blog, you just need to convert them into email subscribers. And once you have them as email subscribers, you have to seize the opportunity and turn them into paying customers.

Sounds good? Let’s see how you can get more email opt-ins from your blog and then monetize them to increase sales and your bottom line.

5 ways to increase your Email opt-ins using your blog

1. Build organic traffic on your blog

First things first. In order to get more email opt-ins from your blog, you will need to take some actions in order to build your blog’s traffic. Start off by optimizing your blog for search. Optimized blogs will consistently lead interested customers to your content, exposing them to your offerings or services. After you have them interested in your blog content, you can encourage them to sign up to receive more related content by email.

2. Use a compelling lead magnet

Ok, so you have visitors coming to your blog, now the question is how do you convert them into subscribers? The answer is to offer a lead magnet. This might take the form of branded long-form content which they will receive in the inbox or shorter forms of content.

That means that once the reader submits their email address, they will receive a sequence of automated emails that will include the lead magnet (guide, case study etc) delivered to their inbox.

So, how do you create relevant lead magnets?

You should start by analyzing your customer data in order to find out what content customers want to consume, without wasting their time. Check out which posts perform best, and look at the keywords your customers are using to come to your site. Otherwise, send your existing customers an email survey and ask them what type of content they’re interested in.

Although long-form content is a great lead magnet, it is quite challenging to produce. It is time-consuming and often overlooked by users who want quick tips or fast resolutions to their problems.

Try to produce a variety of lead magnets, from content that is both time consuming and content that can be created in less time, such as checklists, email courses, or downloadable versions of blog posts, so people have a choice between what to read.

3. Build pop-ups, sidebar, and homepage opt-in forms

The key here is to make opt-in easy. The sign-up process should be smooth and nearly seamless. If you have to explain email sign-up to your readers, it is likely too complex.

It is imperative that blogs have opt-in forms natively integrated, so they can capture customer email addresses.

Here is a list of things you should have in mind when you build opt-in forms

  • Have a limited number of form fields. Only ask for what is necessary, like the email and maybe their first name).
  • Make the subscription process easy, limiting the number of clicks needed to subscribe.
  • Check that your form works well on smaller screens.
  • Have a clear call-to-action (CTA), using simple language, so readers can input their email to receive email communication. 

4. Provide valuable content, not just more noise

Everyone is flooded with emails these days. Standing out when more than 100 other emails are vying for attention is a challenging task to say the least.. The key to standing out in a crowded email box is value. When you provide value, you are building your reputation as a useful email list. And when people value your shared content, they are more likely to share it themselves with friends, increasing subscriber numbers even more.

5. Invite blog commenters to join your email list

Just like social media followers, blog readers and commenters have already expressed interest in your brand, as they enjoy your content and are willing to engage with you. These are the types of people you want to invite to join your email list,and reward them by promoting a private community filled with insights, new product updates, premium content, discounts, and more!

Monetize your email opt-ins

So, you have increased the size of your email list. Now, it’s time to figure out how your email strategy will be shaped in order to drive more sales. A successful email marketing strategy starts with engaging content that is both relevant and designed to convert your readers. Here are a few steps that can help you achieve this:

Step 1: Nurture your email leads

Even if you are not selling anything yet, you need to have your email list ready for future sales. You can do this by setting up an email nurture program. In other words, an automated series of emails with relevant content, shaped to move your prospects closer to a purchasing decision. You will usually start with high-level topics and as the sequence continues you will eventually move to more product-specific topics. One way to do this is by setting up a 6-email series, for example. This series can be sent to the prospect over three weeks, with each email promoting a different piece of content from an infographic to a blog post, and from a video to a whitepaper or report. To conclude this email sequence, you could send an email with a CTA or include a survey and depending on what users choose you could automatically add them to another email sequence, more relevant to their answers. By nurturing your prospects with relevant content, you can intrigue them with your offering, pitching your product or service in the final email they receive.

Step 2: Create multiple email series with triggers

Don’t leave your subscribers after they turn into customers. Re-engage them with new content. Send them an offer so that you can engage them to a new email series using triggers. Triggers can be used in your email sequences to deliver relevant content to your subscribers. They can provide insight into what type of content your audience is seeking.So, if someone opens one email and clicks on the CTA to view the content, they might receive a different email in a few days with another piece of content. If they don’t open the email, the same email might be resent a few days later with a new subject line. With the use of these triggers you can fast track your most loyal readers towards purchasing another product from you by offering relevant content and meaningful CTA’s at a faster rate.

Step 3: Sell a digital product or educational course

With your blog insights and your email nurture programs, you can create digital products to sell to your subscribers. This can include:

  • Guides: Ιnstructions teaching customers how to do something.
  • Webinars: Online webinar where you can sell products in live or recorded videos.  
  • Reports: Data or research regarding a specific topic, which can help in decision making. 
  • Courses: Online classes hosted on your website and watched on-demand.

These products can easily be packaged up into a PDF or hosted on your website behind a paywall. All you need is to use an e-commerce platform to get started. And of course, once your product is live, you should promote it in your final email, after prospects have been nurtured and are ready to purchase. 

Start growing and monetizing your email list

Increasing your email opt-ins can be done in several ways, using a number of strategies. Using your company blog is one of the most popular ones. Once you increase your subscriber base, it’s time to nurture your subscribers through an email sequence. You can then convert them to customers by selling them a digital product or online course, pitching it in the final email.

WayMore’s Campaign Manager can help make the process smoother with its automation builder and prebuild flows. Explore how and easily grow your email list and monetize your subscribers, with little cost, in a short amount of time.