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7 Ways to Personalize Your Email Marketing Strategy

email marketing personalization
Personalize your email marketing strategy improve customer experience, and get your open rates and sales high.
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email marketing personalization

Are you struggling to make your emails stand out?

Engage with your audience and start gaining way more, using personalized email campaigns. Make your customers feel unique and show them how important they are for your brand.
So, if you are up for higher open rates, lead generation, and growth of sales keep on reading.

Why should you start personalizing your emails?

  • 71% of respondents claim that a personalized customer experience could make them start reading a business’s emails. (Dynamic Yield)
  • 84% of consumers say that for a brand to make them feel unique and not just another customer is very important to win them over. (Salesforce)
  • An extraordinary 90% is positive to share personal information with brands in order to have a better and economically experience.  (SmarterHQ)
Having that been said, you probably now understand that it’s time to act.

Get personal

We are here to help. That’s why below you will find 7 tips for successful email personalization.

Segment Your Customer Base

First, when we talk about personalization, we’re not suggesting that you draft emails to every customer. A good email strategy uses data to send relevant content. Using Waymore’s email marketing API or CRM will help automate campaigns and do the heavy lifting. The key is to segment your customers into categories so that you can send specific emails.

The segments can be as large or as small as you’d like. You can segment based on location, interests, and even the weather. Usually, smaller segments result in higher relevancy. This is what drives conversions, sales, and customer satisfaction.

An example of targeted segmentation is the time of day or time of the week. A customer might check email first thing in the morning, but not actually buy until after work. So, to target customers who do not convert first thing, it’s important to find out when click-through rates are higher. If we see buying activity at 6 or 7 pm, that’s a great time to send an automated follow-up.
The best part is that you can learn all that just by using Waymore’s Analytics.

Say their name

With email marketing, the subject line is the most important part. Like in news headlines, most people won’t get past the title. A simple way to create a winning email marketing strategy is addressing your customers by name in the subject. Most studies agree that email subject lines that include the first name can increase open rates. Again, with only a few brands sending them, personalized emails can really stand out. Treating customers like friends can create deeper brand relationships.

Include product suggestions

Product suggestions are a great way to drive action through email. Building a profile from your customer’s past history is key. For example, you can gather data on purchases and browsing history to make future suggestions. Then, you can send custom promotional emails that impact sales.

Some common types of product suggestions are:

  • Customers also viewed
  • You might also like
  • Similar items
  • Frequently bought with

Personalize your trigger emails

You can send trigger emails based on a person’s behavior. They can be transactional emails, like a payment confirmation or receipt. You can also set up payment reminders and welcome emails. Also, online activity can trigger an email, like when a customer abandons their cart.

Cart abandonment emails are useful in driving shoppers back to the website to make a purchase. In fact, online shoppers say that cart abandonment emails encourage them to return to the site. That represents a large sales opportunity. Trigger emails help you guide your customers through the sales funnel and increase your bottom line.

Give your customers “special” tips on how to use better the products they purchased

Help your clients make the most of the product or service they purchased by your brand. That way you show them one again you care about more than just their money.
Don’t email them only for sales purposes. Provide them with useful content and watch their loyalty and satisfaction grow.
Also, try to keep the content easy and simple. Use images, videos, gifs, add links to encourage interaction and make it more fun.

Create special occasions

Looking for a way to make your customer think of you? Remembering their birthdays or other milestones helps them feel valued. Show your clients that you care about them with a special personalized message.

Personalize your Call to Actions

You must know by now that using CTAs in your emails is the way to make your audience do what you want them to do. What you might don’t know is that personalization helps them to decide faster and drive people to make purchases.

Get automated, win more

In short, technology has made it easier for brands to get personal with automation and email marketing APIs. Platforms like Waymore offer an easy-to-use API and services that help you save time and money.

Get more personal with your clients and make your emails stand out using marketing automation. Improve customer journey, save time and money and get higher open rates than ever before.

For example, features like email verification can save up to 20% by avoiding fake accounts and email bounces. Leverage behaviour-driven engagement and strengthen your customer relationships at every step of the journey with Waymore. You wanna learn more about email marketing? Check out here 5 brands that are rocking e-mail marketing.