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Best practices for a successful holiday marketing strategy

For merry, merry sales
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It’s (almost) the most wonderful time of the year

In general, the holidays are unprecedented in terms of consumer behaviour. By the same token, it is vital for all businesses to boost their holiday marketing campaigns to manage business revenue.
After the Covid pandemic, many customers changed the way they shop, becoming more accustomed to buying online and less so in physical stores. Brands and businesses need to adapt to new shopping habits and offer customers what they are looking for.
A well-planned marketing strategy for the holidays can help deliver a strong sales boost and retention of customers by strengthening relationships with them.
An effective marketing campaign can engage customers as they are ready to spend by making last-minute purchases or preparing for next year and researching who to contact for specific services or products. Being top of mind gives you a distinct advantage over your competitors.

Get your business ready for holiday season

Here are some useful holiday marketing tips to help you improve your customer’s online experience with your brand in time for the holidays.

Go omnichannel

In the highly competitive world of wireless retail, there is little room for price competition. Considering how stressful the holiday shopping season is, consumers may be willing to pay even more for the product they want if your store makes their lives easier.
Omnichannel shopping is all about giving your shoppers the opportunity to get the product they want, when and where they want to get it.
After all, there are many ways in which your products can be discovered and purchased through omnichannel marketing; with that in mind, an omnichannel strategy can help you increase the lifelong value of your customers and leverage your online presence to win in a competitive retail market this holiday season.

Segment your audience

Before the holidays, shoppers are in a frenzy to get the “perfect gift” for their loved ones. In this hunt, they are eager to buy from a new retailer as well. Businesses, in their market research, should consider leveraging both customer retention and acquisition.
In order to enter a potential customer’s buying journey, brands need to expand or improve search visibility.
Identify information sharing channels. Tailor tone and messaging to resonate with the right set of potential customers. Define the perfect images that appeal to the emotion and spirit of the gift.
Since it’s the seasonal shopping experience you’re trying to capitalize on, your target audience should fall into either the category of deal seekers or last-minute shoppers.

Utilize your email list

Email marketing is steadily one of the best ways to communicate with customers. Research shows that every dollar invested in email marketing results in $38 in revenue. As much as communication with customers via email is taken for granted all year round, it is indispensable during the holiday season.
Your business can optimize this contact retention method to notify shoppers about new phones, special offers, and holiday events happening in-store. This approach costs very little, and once customers engage on a digital platform it’s much easier to funnel them to other marketing touchpoints.
When done right, this type of Christmas marketing campaign can double your Christmas sales. However, it can be very tedious to send emails manually. So, to get the most out of this tactic, it’s best to automate your email marketing.
Compared to non-automated emails, automated emails generate 320% more revenue.

Create a Christmas landing page

A dedicated Christmas landing page is a key element in increasing conversions, as it focuses on a single goal and makes the decision-making process easier for customers.
You can design a unique landing page with a Christmas theme, featuring special offers that are only available during the festive season, for example. You can create different versions for different target audiences or sales and segment customers to redirect them to the one that best suits them based on their interests.
Seasonal landing pages can have a big impact on your sales.

Pay attention to customer support

It’s normal for people to be a little more nervous during the holidays. Customers may have more questions and doubts about products, services, delivery times and want to get faster answers to make decisions and complete their Christmas shopping in time. 

Incorporating an AI Chatbot on your website is a great advantage to connect with your customers in a very direct way and make them feel more comfortable and care more.

Consider that you could lose a lot of sales if customers don’t find a way to resolve their doubts faster than usual. With an AI chatbot, you can create deeper relationships with visitors and convert them into customers. Especially during a time like Christmas, when you definitely get more traffic than usual to your website.

Put your Christmas plan into action now

The holidays are a great time of year for both businesses and consumers. Everyone wants to spend more time with their loved ones and of course, share beautiful gifts that are special and meaningful.

On the other hand, brands need to take advantage of this period to give customers what they want and increase their own sales. To do this, of course, they need to create effective marketing, Christmas campaign. 

The Holiday season is a great opportunity for brands to increase sales and more.
But to stand out from the competition and to do so, you need to create a unique digital omnichannel campaign.
Learn how marketing automation and the WayMore platform can help you achieve this.

The festive season is just around the corner, but it’s never too late to implement effective Christmas marketing campaign ideas. WayMore’s all-in-one platform and the tips above can help you design an effective Christmas campaign that stands out with the help of automation.