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Reduce your abandonment cart rate with SMS Marketing

Reach customers right away after they abandoned their carts with SMS marketing. Win more clients back and increase your sales.
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The challenge of abandoned carts

If you’re an online retailer, it’s hard not to view abandoned shopping carts as a major problem. Nothing feels worse than leaving money on the table or seeing forms left half-filled out on your website. Most e-commerce sites share this pain. Some studies placing the average shopping cart abandonment rate as high as 88%.

Turning abandoned shopping carts into potential sales

The good news is many people who abandon their shopping carts intend on returning. We’ve all been guilty of abandoning our carts at one point or another. We get distracted, we second guess our purchases, or maybe we’re just browsing. Most e-commerce companies understand the potential that abandoned carts represent. Now they are looking for the best solution.
By sending abandoned cart SMS messages, you can remind shoppers about what they left behind and give them a gentle push to finish their purchase.
Abandoned cart SMS messages could be the answer. It is the way to remind customers about their unfinished purchases and push them politely to complete them.

Abandoned cart SMS

When customers leave your eshop with a full cart of products they didn’t buy, you can (and should) send them an abandoned cart message. SMS is the right channel to use for that kind of message, considering that people are more likely to notice an SMS coming straight to their smartphones than another email in their inbox. Using abandoned cart SMS can be particularly effective and lead to higher engagement and sales than any other channel.

An abandoned cart SMS should be as personalized as possible so it is important to use all the data you have collected for each customer. It could also help to include a snapshot of the products they left in the cart and a URL that leads straight to the checkout page.

Remember, when a customer adds an item to their carts it means they are highly interested in that product. All they need is a little push from you to proceed with their purchase. There is always a possibility they just got distracted before they were able to finish. In that case, a little reminder is all they need.
An abandonment SMS sent at the right time can really make a difference and bring clients back to complete their purchases.

Make your Abandoned cart SMS campaign effective

We’ve created a list with some tips that will help you run a successful abandoned cart SMS campaign:

Be on time

The reminders that are sent within an hour after the cart abandonment have a higher conversion rate. If you don’t get any response from that though you should send another message after 24 hours and if that fails too you should give one last try after 3 days. The third message is your last chance to win your prospective customer back, so make it as convincing as possible.

Make the buying process easy

Nowadays everything moves quickly. When a customer wants to complete an online purchase they want to do it fast and move on with their day. So make sure to make it easy for your clients to go straight from the SMS to the check-out process.

Personalization is the key

People are more attracted to messages that make them feel valued and important. Show to your customers that they are important for your brand by making your communication as personal as possible.

Offer real-time support

We all love to communicate via text. Why not talk with our favorite brand the same way? Give your clients the opportunity to talk to you and get the answers they need immediately at the time they need them. Create a more personal and smooth shopping experience for them.

Add urgency

It is a fact that by creating a sense of urgency to your message you make it more likely for your prospect customers to hit the buy button. Some pressure might help them make up their minds quicker a take action!

Make a discount

The discount offer is probably the easiest and most popular way to recover a sale on an abandoned cart. Retailers usually offer 10% off any order if the buyer buys immediately. If 10% doesn’t yield optimal results, some companies offer free shipping, as high shipping costs are the most common reason customers abandon the checkout process.

Studies placing the average shopping cart abandonment rate as high as 88%. With SMS marketing you can reduce your abandonment cart rate by reaching customers right away after they abandoned their carts straight to their smartphones. Win more your clients back and increase your sales.

Deliver unique customer experience and recover more abandoned orders

Reach customers right away after they abandoned their carts with SMS marketing. Win more clients back and increase your sales by using the above tips. Don’t forget to combine SMS with the other Waymore’s services to create an extraordinary customer experience.
Take some more ideas on how to run a successful SMS campaign in just a few steps and stand out from the competition!