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What is email validation? Discover its importance.

Email validation helps ensure your mail reaches the proper inbox and improves a higher email engagement rate. Moreover, you will be able to avoid fraud and maintain your sender reputation in a better way.
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With most people checking their emails daily, email is still one of the most well-known and efficient communication mediums. People send over 320 billion emails daily, but sadly many emails go to the wrong inboxes due to incorrect email addresses. The reason is many times, people provide a false email address. The forecast says email usage will grow to 4.6 million by the end of 2025, as per Statista.

Here is a great marketing opportunity, but businesses can find it challenging to reach the right inboxes.

Email validation helps ensure your mail reaches the proper inbox and improves a higher email engagement rate. Moreover, you will be able to avoid fraud and maintain your sender reputation in a better way.

What is Email Validation?

Email Validation is verifying email addresses to find invalid, non-existent or undeliverable ones. It quickly runs a method that finds typos, whether innocent mistakes or purposeful deception. Additionally, it confirms whether a specific email address links to a respectable domain. Email validation applications or email verifiers allow you to make the most of your email software by verifying email addresses at entry into your database and safeguarding your email sender score. A typical contact list will have few correct and incorrect entries. Companies today reduce bounce of emails within email lists by validating email addresses.

Will basic email address checks work? NO.

You might think that simply looking for a @ sign in your email box or a full stop and a common suffix is insufficient. This method only checks the format of a customer’s email address. There must be more than the correct format to verify that an email address is functional and connected to a reliable, commonly used inbox. In other words, you will find out it’s invalid once you try to get in touch with the clients or prospects.

If many emails bounce back in an exercise for signup confirmation or an email campaign, you risk placing them automatically in spam or trash folders.

Why is it essential to verify emails?

You must reach the right audience to ensure your email marketing strategies are successful. Check out the importance of email marketing with critical statistics.

Here are three critical reasons you need to verify email addresses before sending emails.

Eliminate email bouncing

Your emails can bounce because the email address is incorrect, it does not exist anymore, or it is a fictitious email address.

Reduce Spam

Sending to incorrect email addresses can lead to users marking your emails as Spam. Ideally, you must ensure that there are fewer than five complaints out of 5000 emails you send or a 0.001% failure rate.

Getting Blacklisted

Organizations sending emails that lead to higher bounce rates may get marked as potential spammers and can get blacklisted. Getting blacklisted can be worse, and the email server may not accept genuine emails.

How to validate email addresses?

Without an email validator tool, you will not know if the email addresses on your list are authentic until you send them emails, check if it bounces, and follow it up by manually removing incorrect email ids. Email validator tools will let you know which phone numbers or email addresses on your list are genuine and which are undeliverable and will bounce back. Each bounced email puts your sender’s reputation in danger, so you must prevent hard email bounces in the first place. Performing email verification saves time and resources. Bulk email is part of common email marketing strategies, and the same goes for using a customer’s mobile number for telemarketing purposes.

The process of validating emails involves more than just looking at their addresses. It includes many checks. The usual validation checks are as follows:

1. Syntax

This validation separates invalid addresses for closer examination. The maximum length of the domain names is 255 characters, and the email addresses shall only contain usernames with the @ symbol.

2. Domain

Subscribers frequently submit fictitious domain names while completing forms. This validation establishes the legitimacy and functionality of the stated domain.

3. MX Records

Checking the MX Records reveals whether the domain has any MX (mail exchange) servers. Emails will only be accepted if the domain’s related MX server is present.

4. SMTP Server and SMTP Mailbox

This check confirms that the accounts and MX servers from the prior check are functional. It also aids in preventing email bouncebacks.

As previously indicated, it is a good practice to use email validator tools, commonly known as email checkers, to check if an email is valid before sending emails to them. You can also perform phone number validation using a phone validator to check for a  valid phone number. Once you check a phone number is valid, it will save time and effort. These tools will show you which phone numbers or email addresses on your list are safe to send and which are undeliverable and will bounce back. You can then use only valid email addresses or phone numbers as needed. When it comes to marketing using phone numbers, remember to validate numbers with a phone validator tool before using them. Calling an invalid phone number is a waste of an organization’s marketing resources.

what email validation does

How Does Email Validation Increase Email Engagement?


An email validation service’s primary goal is to confirm the validity of each email address in the mailing list. Many invalid accounts might cause even a well-planned marketing effort to fail. By removing fake email addresses, email validation can raise email engagement.

Sender Reputation

A message from a business with a better sender reputation is more likely to be delivered to the inbox. A low sender score may result from a mailing list that contains blacklisted addresses. Such addresses are flagged and removed by email validation services to prevent the campaign from being wasted.

Lower Bouncer Rates

If an email bounces from an incorrect email address, it gets marked as undeliverable. Emails that have a high bounce rate end up in the spam bin. Email validation ensures that emails get into users’ inboxes by reducing hard bounces and maintaining the sender’s reputation.


Email validation and the use of a phone number validation tool are real lifesavers for email marketing companies. Phone number verification ensures your team calls the right prospects. It’s a great approach to optimize your mailing list and boost the effectiveness of your email marketing efforts. 

In addition to maintaining email security, email validation raises engagement scores and conversions.

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