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10 Reasons Why You Should Validate Emails & Phone Numbers

Email and phone validation services are a great way to ensure the authenticity of your subscriber lists. With these services, you can quickly filter out non-existent addresses or invalid numbers, so you don't waste time and money on people who aren't interested in your products or services.
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There’s no question, we live in an era of innovative and highly curated digital ecosystems. Despite massive optimizations in social media marketing channels, email and telemarketing remain powerful ways of lead generation.

You’d be surprised to know that as of 2022, there are up to 4.26 billion people who use email throughout the world. Moreover, more than 6 billion people own a smartphone. So, considering these numbers, it’s a no-brainer that email and telemarketing are pivotal to the success of a business.

But considering there are so many phone numbers and email addresses floating around the web, is there any way you can identify which ones are real and which ones are fake? Yes, there is. Using reputed email validation services or an email checker, you can quickly filter authentic email addresses and phone numbers.

In light of this, we’re going to talk about the importance of email and number validation, and how both these factors will help grow your business.

But first…

What is Email Validation

An email validator service helps evaluate whether a business can send marketing messages to an authentic email address. Email verification software analyses different emails in bulk, eliminating ones that are either fake or are created as spam.

The primary objective of validating emails is to identify potential complications more proactively. It plays an instrumental role in helping a brand steer clear of the adverse impacts of email deliverability such as rising bounce rates.

What is Phone Number Validation

Similarly, integrating phone number validation software helps businesses determine which numbers are authentic and can be used to make calls. Number validation also helps companies connect with real people.

A third-party number validation software sifts through dozens of numbers by analysing the databases of different telecommunications organizations. It seeks genuine information and data associated with authentic numbers.

In addition, the software also low-key sends an alert message to those numbers, to check whether the numbers are active and can indeed receive messages.

Email Validation: 5 Reasons to Pay Attention

Why use email validation software

1. Organically Optimize Your User Engagement Rates

It is easy to see how immensely daunting it can be to consistently enhance your user engagement rates if you continuously engage with fake emails. Getting rid of bogus emails by using an email validator will quickly optimize your engagement levels.

In addition, as soon as you get a validated list of email addresses using an email verification tool, you’ll be more confident in integrating a curated marketing campaign as you’ll have access to real customer data.

Take this email validation example. Let’s assume you send out emails to A, B, C, and D. A and B respond to your emails for a follow-up. You’d naturally think that your rate of engagement now stands at 50%.However, after using an email verification service, you’ve identified that C and D are fake accounts. So, now you know that in reality, the response rate is 100%.

Moreover, a streamlined engagement rate will always help your business avoid becoming blacklisted, optimizing your overall deliverability.

2. Ensures Positive Deliverability

Having a positive rate of deliverability tells you that it is likely that your emails are being delivered to your mailing lists.

However, some common factors can hamper your efforts. For example, hard bounces, spam complaints, and low rates of engagement can be detrimental to your email campaigns. Using an email verification tool, you’ll be in a good position to sniff out bad emails from real ones.

As soon as you get rid of fake or spam emails from your list, it becomes less and less likely that an email will bounce back and adversely impact your brand reputation.

3. Mitigates the Chance of becoming Blacklisted

One of the biggest advantages of using reputed email validation services is to avoid blacklisting your company’s email account. Understand that factors such as spam traps, spam complaints, and increasing bounce rates will continue to destroy your reputation, which is why you must always opt for the best email verification tool. 

So, if you’re blacklisted, no matter what you do, all the emails you send in the future will land in spam email inboxes. This is why it is critical to use an email validator to identify real email addresses. The email checker will identify real contacts for you.

4. Get Rid of Temporary Emails

Temporary email addresses are primarily created by people who steer clear of sharing their actual email addresses. These emails can be bad for your business because they will eventually end up becoming unused, leading to more bounce rates. This is exactly where an email verification tool comes into play. 

Understand that disposable emails are created so that consumers can avoid getting email messages from businesses. So, why engage with them? This is where email verification comes into play. Using the software, you can easily purge invalid email addresses.

5. The Massive Potential of Converting a Lead into a Sale

When you eliminate fake and disposable emails from your email marketing list, you’ll be left with authenticated and valid email addresses. This automatically boosts the likelihood of acquiring solid conversions.

For example, you’ll be more optimistic that your emails land in the right inboxes and that potential consumers or subscribers will open them.

Moreover, you’ll also experience a positive boom in your deliverability rate. According to a study, it was identified that companies that used validation services experienced a jump in their lead conversion and generation by up to 55%

Bulk Phone Number Validation: 5 Reasons why it is Important

Phone validation software

1. Streamlining Your Telemarketing Campaigns

If you’re planning to launch a new email marketing funnel and want to reach your current customers on the phone, it is strongly recommended that you first ensure all the phone numbers are in use. Using number validation software, you’ll be able to quickly identify which numbers are active and which have become invalid.

Moreover, phone number verification real-time also helps save a lot of resources because you’ll know who to call. But more importantly, you won’t connect with people who haven’t subscribed to your communication.

2. Filtering Out Invalid Numbers

Using a bulk phone number validation API, you’ll be able to effectively clean your phone list and update it with valid numbers of customers who have signed up for your marketing.

3. Helps Boost Your Brand Reputation

Nothing can be more frustrating than connecting with someone you did not intend to talk with. This is exactly what happens when your marketing department doesn’t know who they’re calling.

This can easily end up denting your company’s reputation. Using a phone validator software, you can develop a solid and authentic list of contacts that are expecting your call.

4. Helps Prevent Your Company from Being Marked as Spam

If you continuously ring people who aren’t subscribed to your service or if they’re all wrong numbers, eventually, all those individuals will end up filing a complaint against you. Worse, they can also mark you as spam and blacklist your number.

Using a reputed phone and email verification API is going to help your marketing team pull up valid information about the contact. They’ll be able to identify the prospect before giving them a call as phone number verification real-time is fast and effective.

5. Phone Validation Services are Simple to Use

If you think integrating a phone authenticator service is going to end up annoying new consumers, there’s nothing to worry about. Why? Well, the fact is, a phone validator software is pretty simple to use for both businesses and their customers.

After all, we’ve all verified our email addresses when subscribing to a new service. Compared to that, phone authentication is much easier as the company sends a 4-digit code the consumer has to authenticate. It just takes a second!

Bottom Line

Using a phone and email verification API, authenticating your email and phone list can help provide you with a dearth of advantages in terms of furthering your marketing campaigns and maintaining your brand reputation.

Email and phone validation will help you massively increase your conversion rates!

With the right validation services, like WayMore email and phone authenticator platform, you will be in a strategic position to streamline your email campaigns and connect with the right target audience.