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Why use an email checker before sending an email?

Learn how you can use email and phone number validation tools to improve customer engagement for your business.
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Business is about winning customers and making them happy with your product or service. Moreover, creating a great relationship with your customer is critical for companies. 

Customers are using digital methods of communication, social media, and mobile apps, and they can dislike undesired marketing approaches. Are you putting your marketing efforts to the best use? 

Do you test email addresses before sending emails, or in the case of phone calls, is number validation a part of your process? In this article, you will learn why you should use an email checker and how you can verify email address without sending email.

Why must you verify email addresses before sending emails?

No one likes receiving email bounce backs, especially during cold email campaigns conducted by sales teams, as it wastes efforts and money. If you don’t verify emails, they will reach the wrong person and impact your brand negatively.

A recent analysis indicates that the average email bounce rate is 9.75%. However, a desirable email bounce rate is below 2%. Anything more significant than 2% is deemed critical. Other interesting statistics also show the email validation effect on conversion rates besides general email marketing insights.

The best way to overcome this is by using email verification techniques. Using a valid email checker will ensure you are sending emails to email ids that are in existence and active. It purifies your email list by screening out spammy and invalid addresses, allowing you to proceed securely with your email campaign. However, many email experts need to learn how to validate email addresses.

For years, companies have used bulk phone number validation processes to deliver marketing information on new products and offers. Email makes it more convenient for users to read at their convenience.

55% increase in conversions rates is achieved by email validation.

What are the Advantages of Email verification?

Email verification offers various advantages. Some of the important ones are as follows.

1. Stay away from bounces

Email bounces are a marketer’s worst nightmare. Continuous bounceback damages the domain and credibility of your email account.

Your email account may be included in the spam indexes of multiple email service providers (ESP) and blocked.

Typical hard bounces include the following: Email addresses that do not exist, emails marked as spam, the domain doesn’t exist, etc. Soft bounces can get messages like Server timeout or Inbox full, among others.

Verifying your email list before sending a cold email can quickly distinguish between your good and wrong email addresses in your email list. Ultimately, it will reduce your email bounce rate and cause you to avoid spam indexes.

Desirable and real email bounce rate

2. Better sender reputation score & email delivery

Every email account has a sender reputation score that helps the recipient’s email service provider (ESP) determine the email’s quality.

 The greater the score, the greater the chances of delivering the email, and vice versa.

 Your rate of delivering emails correctly indicates how many recipients your email has reached.

 Your email account gets suspended if you routinely send emails to invalid or spammy addresses.

 Email checker allows you to send real emails to the correct recipient. It will maintain the health of your email account and boost your reputation score.

3. Increasing the effectiveness of your email campaigns

You import a recipient list for arranging an email marketing campaign (sequence). With more extensive email lists, the likelihood of email bounces increases. It eventually affects the performance of your entire email campaign (series).

Besides that, you spend significant time and effort on email campaigns. These efforts on campaigns may get wasted if it does not produce the expected results.

Email account verification eliminates invalid contacts from your contact databases, increasing your emails’ chances of getting delivered to the recipient.

Additionally, you obtain a more significant email open rate and response rate, which improves the performance of your initiatives (sequences).

4. Maintains your email list

Each year, an average of 22.5% of email addresses become invalid. It occurs owing to numerous extrinsic factors. Most of the time, it’s because people change jobs, and their email addresses become inactive.

 Your sender’s reputation will only improve if you verify email lists regularly. This is important as the email bounce rate will surpass the permissible limits by a factor of ten.

5. Reduce spam complaints

Reducing spam complaints is one of the essential advantages of email verification. Try to maintain the lowest feasible spam rate. It is optimal to receive less than five spam complaints every 5000 emails which an email server can easily detect. 


Email checker allows you to discover accounts of individuals who frequently flag emails as spam. Email accounts not verified will be flagged, preventing you from being labeled as spam.

Use Automated tools for validating emails and phone numbers.

Many businesses use phone verification to confirm that the number available from the client is a genuine one. It is a good practice to validate numbers before making phone calls. Marketing people can save time by calling the right numbers and talking to the correct customers. Verifying phone numbers also helps to prevent fraud. Bulk phone validator tools help to validate phone numbers.

Email validation on a frequent basis is good to have valid email addresses so that marketing costs are optimized. It is good practice to validate email lists when you get a new list and review existing ones regularly every couple of months. Periodic validation of email lists using an email verifier will help to keep valid email ids and maintain your sender reputation. Your marketing campaigns will get great results every time.


Investing in a phone number validation and email checker service will help you save time, effort, and money while preserving positive customer relationships.

Your marketing campaigns will get great results continuously.

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